You might be unsure of your alternatives when it comes to moving your snowmobile. There are several choices available, whether you’re relocating across the nation or want to go on a snowboarding holiday and want to take your snowmobile with you.

Reasons You Might Want to Move Your Snowmobile

You may want to move, which is the most obvious reason to transport your snowmobile. You can ship your snowmobile by using a transportation service rather than purchasing a trailer and a truck. You can move more easily because you won’t have to worry about lugging your pricey snowmobile about.

Snowboarding Holidays


Consider the following scenario: You’ve planned a lengthy vacation at your preferred mountain resort for a snowboarding excursion; it would be the ideal getaway, except that they don’t provide snowmobile rentals.

You can climb a mountain with the aid of a snowmobile without worrying about using any ski lifts or standing in line. If you have your own snowmobile, you can simply mail it to your destination, where it will be ready for you when you get there.

The ability to reach isolated regions without using conventional ski lifts is one of the most important advantages of snowboarding with snowmobiles. Snowmobiling offers snowboarders an affordable option to access pristine backcountry terrain, opening up countless opportunities for exploration and discovery.


Your snowmobile could occasionally remain unused in your garage for several months or even a few years. You can simply opt to sell your pricey toy and get it out of your garage using car shipping companies in NYC if it is just sitting there gathering dust. It will be simple to sell without the inconvenience of having to transfer it yourself thanks to a shipping service.

How To Transport A Snowmobile Economically


Enclosed Trailer

While being transported, your snowmobile will be safe in an enclosed trailer. The drawback of this approach is the requirement for a car that can hitch to a trailer. Make sure your car is capable of hauling, as not all vehicles are.

This may be the cheapest choice, but depending on the distance, it ends up costing almost as much as using a shipping service once you account for your own time and money.

Transport Company

Depending on where you want to transport your snowmobile, the cost can range from $500 to $2500 or more. It ought to be reasonably priced if you are only delivering it a few states away. Transporting your own snowmobile begins to seem like the worst choice out of the three when you take into account the costs of the trailer rental, gas, and your own time.

Your own truck

Transporting your own snowmobile shouldn’t be an issue if you can safely secure it and your pickup truck can support the load. Snowmobiles longer than 130 inches should not be placed in the truck bed because they run the danger of falling free while being transported.

Documents needed to transport your snowmobile


Although customs brokers ( and freight forwarders frequently provide the majority of documentation, it is ultimately your responsibility as the exporter to ensure that it is accurate. It’s critical to comprehend what paperwork is necessary for shipping and why.

To avoid a delay at the border that might cost you time and money, it is essential to include the necessary papers with your package. When importing products into Canada, you must include the following four pieces of documentation with every shipment:

  • Commercial invoice or a Canada Customs invoice
  • Invoice of Lading
  • Manifest
  • Export Declaration by Shipper

The exporter of a vehicle (including snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles) must submit all export documentation to the Port of Entry where the vehicle will be exported at least 3 days before transport.

The Automated Export System (AES) requires that you submit the Electronic Export Information (EEI) at least 72 hours before export. The original Certificate of Title and two full copies of the title are required documents for titling a car in the United States.

The car must be delivered to the relevant port of entry on the day of export, along with the accompanying form, for inspection and VIN verification. Please be advised that many land ports do not export vehicles on weekends; call ahead to confirm that your plans will not conflict with the port’s operating hours.

If the car is being driven across the border temporarily, the driver is encouraged to have the registration on hand to show CBP upon request. This is only necessary for permanent exports.



In conclusion, moving a snowmobile may seem like a difficult and pricey task, but there are a number of practical choices. There is a mode of transportation that will meet your demands, whether you’re moving, going on a skiing holiday, or selling your snowmobile.

When going on a snowboarding trip, transporting your snowmobile might be really useful. Without the use of conventional ski lifts, a snowmobile can facilitate access to distant backcountry terrain and make climbing a mountain simpler.

This gives snowboarders countless options for exploration and discovery, enhancing and completing their snowboarding experience.