Becoming a social media influencer might be everything you need right now to keep that extra money rolling in – and yes, technology has made that possible!

Many people make money online through various options such as copywriting, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-books, and social media, among others.

Getting started as a social media influencer is quite easy; we all use social media for different purposes. Post engaging content consistently and interact positively with your audience to keep them sticking around your content. However, there is more to find out about making money as a social media influencer.

Who is a Social Media Influencer?


A social media influencer is referred to alternatively as an internet celebrity. This is because they often have the power to influence the decisions of their followers and especially get them to take certain actions that can favor a product or service.

Many social media influencers have confessed to not being physically bold as they appear on different platforms. This means that you do not have to be highly confident to succeed as an influencer on social media, just have the ability to act on it!

Aside from people who engage their audiences on OnlyFans, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, bloggers and industry leaders are also considered influencers. When they publicly show their support for a product or service, their followers easily get attracted to such products.

Becoming a social media influencer can help you make some side income to support your main income. In fact, some people are making a real full-time income from being social media influencers. For instance, influencers on OnlyFans are cashing out big time on the platform!

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is quite popular, but unfortunately, most people have only been able to associate it with adult content. OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform for showcasing special skills and abilities.You might be familiar with the platform as being popular among girl modes that make money from explicit content but it is actually designed for anyone who has something to offer. More importantly if you have talent and exceptional skills you can showcase them and make money. OnlyFans is so big these days that there are even other sites that help and support the existence of the platform and the people that use it. You can check out OnlyFinder for example, that works as a search engine for OnlyFans accounts only and it can also help you get seen to increase your profit from the OF account.

Only Fans has no restriction on the kind of content people can share. Hence, it is largely used by quite popular models in the porn industry. However, it can be used by anyone who has creative content to either sell or offer for free. Due to the relaxed content rules, a user must be at least 18 years old.

To become an OnlyFans influencer is simple: create your account, set a monthly subscription rate for fans, and begin to dole out content to earn money! You decide your rate and get 80% of the revenue, while OnlyFans takes the remaining 20%.

Your choice of what to charge can seem quite challenging, but most rates are set between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. Some also offer subscription bundles of 6 or 12 months at cheaper rates. Some discounts may also extend to fans perceived to be loyal.

How Does OnlyFans Work?



OnlyFans’ sole purpose is to help creators earn from their creativity – regardless of their field. Creators can create high-quality content that can be paid for or distributed for free. Fees charged are often determined by the creators based on their content type.

And since many influencers on the platform provide explicit content, a user is therefore expected to be 18 years of age and above to be signed up with a government-issued identity card.

To secure your work, the site provides some tight policies. For instance, a user is not permitted to screenshot other people’s content. And even when they try, the screenshot shows a blackout display. Any users caught repeatedly going against OnlyFans policies can get banned absolutely.

Premium content is not revealed until a fan has subscribed to a creator’s profile. And once a subscription has expired, the content is denied. Some creators allow DMs from their fans and offer other perks for certain subscription packages.

If you have a popular model or creator you’d like to access their content, like those that offer their content for free, you can utilize the OnlyFans finder tool for free. However, this is not commonplace on the platform.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

To get started with making money on OnlyFans, a creator must follow the steps below:

Step One: Create an Account

It is always important to identify with the platform by signing up to join any platform. OnlyFans require your email address and password to create your own account. You may also use an active Twitter or Google account to create an account.

Step Two: Choose Your Preferred OnlyFans Screen Name

Pick your display name and fill in other required fields appropriately, including consenting to the terms and conditions and setting up your profile to showcase your brand.

Your choice of name could be either your real name or any nice one you’ll simply like to be identified with. However, ensure that you choose a catchy name.

Step Three: Do Your Page Setup

Once you’ve decided on a name, check out your tabs and set up your page to reflect your brand: input photos, videos, audio, and posts.

There are various features provided on the platform for creators, including adding a poll, posting a status update, scheduling a post, and doing a voice record.

Step Four: Start Promoting Your Content And Earn Money

It may appear hard initially if you are a total newbie with lots of people already creating your kind of content. However, you can leverage your prominence on other social media platforms by sharing your profile links, linking your account with your OnlyFans page, or making your subscription absolutely free from the start!


Build a Personal Brand

To rise as a premier social media influencer and tap into monetization avenues, establishing a powerful personal brand is paramount. Begin by discerning your unique value—what differentiates you? It could be an unparalleled perspective or a niche expertise, like a vegan chef crafting gluten-free delicacies. Your digital persona, encapsulated by your bio, profile picture, and cover image, should present a cohesive narrative, much like a fashion influencer’s pristine, style-reflective photos. Consistency in content, be it DIY craft guides or fitness regimes, alongside a predictable posting rhythm, enriches follower experience; for inspiration, seek help from any OnlyFans management company that can help with invaluable insights. Beyond mere comment responses, authentic engagement—amplifying voices within your niche, or synergistic collaborations—enriches community bonds. A genuine, distinct brand presence not only garners a devoted following but also paves the way for diverse monetization opportunities.

On a Final Note

If you’d like to make money as a social media influencer, you can consider OnlyFans. Your experience will definitely get more interesting as time goes by, and aside from subscriptions, you can also earn through paid DMs, tips, or selling personal household items.

Ensure that your subscription isn’t high too to attract more users. Generally, it is advised that you charge less than $15. And the reason is that since $4.99 is the minimum charge on the platform, you can choose to play around by offering discounts to attract new fans.

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