Sports betting contests first started in 1978, and since then, more and more tournaments have been introduced to increase the fun and excitement among people. As the popularity of sports betting contests has increased, the prize money has also escalated. The majority of sports betting contests are played in football, but many other sports are growing multifold in terms of betting and their tournaments. Let’s check out the sports betting content that you can find in traditional sportsbooks or the best live sports betting apps in India.

1. SBD Play – Free Entry with a Weekly Prize of $500

The SBD Play is one of the best-known sports betting contests. It is free to enter, and the winner can earn up to $500. Several sportsbook odds are present on the website, and a player can easily pick the one that they like the most. The virtual currency is added to help you bankroll yourself throughout the week and keep aiming to win big from the varied tournaments that you will be playing. The player whose selections help in earning the most gets the winner’s prize at the end of the tournament.

2. Westgate Casino


Westgate SuperContest is one of the most popular and well-known sports betting contests. The entry fee to the contest is $1500, and the prize money can go up to $1 million. The sports betting contest is majorly focused on football. The bets have to be placed on the NFL season and the varied matches that are played on this. Some serious amounts of money can be earned through the contest if your bets are correct throughout the tournament. Several other tournaments are also played by sports betting experts.

3. Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is another sports betting contest that is based on football betting. The games are not only restricted to the NFL but also college-based football games. It is the ultimate football challenge in which the contestants make seven selections throughout the week. There are a total of 119 selections that the contests have to make during 17 weeks. The entry fee is $1000, and a maximum of 2 entries can be made by a single person. The cash prizes are pretty high and can make you very rich by the end of the tournament.

4. Pick the Pros Football Contest


Pick the Pros Football Contest is one of the longest-running tournaments that are known. It is played in multiple locations throughout Nevada. If you have a membership with the B Connected Gaming Group, then you can enter this contest for free. Several betting opportunities are available in this contest. Also, you do not have to wait for the season to start before you can get started with the betting. The sweet pot value for the contest is about $500,000.

5. William Hill – Pro Pick’em

The William Hill contest has a combination of 2 contests in it. This tournament is also based on football and is available majorly in some of the selected Las Vegas casinos. The entry fee is very low at $25, and there are 15 entries that a particular bettor can bet on. The cash prizes go up to $300,000, which makes the whole contest a lot more fun.