Championships are so spectacular that even people not engaged in sports adore watching them. Some even go to football or volleyball games, others love watching movies and TV shows. And this number of people is as huge as the number of users of Also, many series are released regularly. These are the best of them.



One of the most popular HBO projects of recent years is a series about young professional football players. Almost all projects starring Dwayne Johnson are successful. Here he plays a former athlete Spencer. This man has retrained as a financial consultant to help potential dollar millionaires, including the intemperate football player Ricky, not to blow all the royalties by the time his contract ends.

This is a story about people living in the sunny and most expensive cities on the West American coast. Football players are people too, they have problems with money, friends, girlfriends, alcohol, and drugs.

Eastbound & Down


Actor and showrunner Danny McBride is a master of comedy. He manages to make a very accurate mockery of the reality around him in any situation. Eastbound & Down is a parody of movies about sports and overcoming oneself.

The main character is Kenny Powers, a former baseball player who squandered all the chances that fate gave him. He returns to his hometown with no money and no prospects and gets a job as a high school gym teacher. Narcissistic Kenny believes he is still a star, though his time is long gone, continually embarrassing children and fellow teachers alike with ambiguous statements. But his talent must awaken. So, Kenny begins coaching his high school baseball team during breaks from torturous escapades to lead it to victory and be reborn in the process himself.

Make It Or Break It


Make It Or Break It, for all its apparent simplicity, includes some unexpected elements. Emily, from a poor single-parent family with a dangerously beautiful mother not quite in her right mind and a handicapped brother beside her, has exercised all her life in free gyms. She is accidentally spotted and called to the training base, where she meets rich girls who have long charted a cloudless future.

All of the characters are sharpened by the realization that their childhood was not quite normal. Now they are spending the best years of their lives to create for themselves a better future that no one is guaranteed.

Friday Night Lights


This show has the most sport in it. It was directed by Peter Berg from a nonfiction novel. Kyle Chandler, who plays the coach of a Texas American football team, steps in and the team wins early on. This club is chosen from an extremely backwater one-story America.

One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill is a series set in the provincial town of Tree Hill. The main characters are high school students but don’t think that One Tree Hill will be interesting only to teenagers. This is a real drama, capable of attracting the attention of the most diverse audience.

The plot develops around the conflict of stepbrothers – Lucas and Nathan. 18 years ago, their father left town to build a sports career, leaving a girl who was expecting his child. That was Karen, Lucas’ mother. After a while, the young man returned to his homeland and proposed to his classmate. From this marriage, he had a second son, Nathan. The boys grew up completely different and until a certain point did not suspect the existence of each other. But fate first confronted them on the same basketball court, and then in the struggle for the heart of a beautiful girl. But their confrontation was only the tip of the iceberg.

Blue Mountain State


This comedy series is about three freshmen who got into Midwestern College with the help of football scholarships. Now they have to prove their mettle in both practice and academics.

Alex is a talented quarterback who will sit on the bench just to avoid upsetting a friend. Another student, Sammy, becomes the team mascot. And Craig aspires to build a career as a professional athlete. Yet, it’s unclear if that’s what he wants or if it’s his girlfriend’s dream.

Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso is a vivid and funny series that will help you relax and just laugh, forgetting about all the problems in the world.

Ted Lasso is an up-and-coming coach of the Kansas college football team. He moves to London, where he trains a professional club from the English Premier League. Lasso faces the daunting task of keeping Richmond in the top division. However, in fact, the new owner of the club hired him so that Ted, who knows nothing about European football, flew with the club to the Championship.

With a new coach, the team doesn’t start winning right away. And Lasso himself has no desire to win. He believes the best thing he can do is to help each player develop his individual qualities. But victories are a godsend, and Ted certainly isn’t going to worry about them.

The First Team


Playing professionally in the Premier League in the home of football isn’t it every boy’s dream. For three friends, this dream becomes a reality. But is everything so great at their new club? An extravagant club president, a general manager whose decisions can change in a minute, and even a coach who can’t teach even junior players to play will stand in the way of the main achievement in the lives of the heroes. The young men may score a lot against their opponents. Yet, is that enough to become a champion?



It is a story of a fictional professional football team from an unknown city. The series Playmakers shows the underside of American clubs. Viewers see what happens not only in the players’ locker room before a match or in the bars after the game but also learn what the players and coaches think. What used to be known only by a small circle of people became publicly available.

The Playmakers series had high ratings but was shut down at the request of the National Football League, which felt that professional football was portrayed negatively.