Starting your own business may have been something you’ve been dreaming of for years – the thrill of the adventure, the satisfaction of seeing it grow, the pride in reaching your goals and helping others in the process. Nowadays, self-care is becoming even more of a priority for many people as they deal with the stress of everyday life. More impetus is being put on caring for ourselves in order to cope with the problems we regularly face.

With your training and expertise in the field, it’s time for you to open your very own salon or spa business! The prospect may feel daunting, but fear not! There is a plethora of tools at your disposal to help you, from digital communications to spa POS systems – learn more about that here. Let’s look at the wide variety of tools that will help you to create a peaceful and serene spa while also integrating the essential aspects of a future-proof business.

The Who, Where and What


There are numerous ideas regarding the who, where and what that will help you to build a thriving business.

Your business is only as good as the people who work within it so hire the best employees you can. It might feel like an overwhelming task but getting this key stage right will prove to be a blessing as you move forward in the business. Be specific in the kind of individual you want to join your team – from beauty technicians to customer service assistants, you need people who will be an asset. It’s never too early to start advertising for these roles as you will have plenty of time to find the best candidates, train them and educate them in your band ethos.

Additionally, you need to create a durable and long-lasting facility that is aesthetically in keeping with the environment that you want to create. Avoid cutting costs and invest in a quality facility that will stand the test of time and exude a feeling of luxury and relaxation for your clients. Your customer base will be a lot more loyal to your brand if they enjoy their time spent on the physical premises.

Furthermore, make an effort to be unique. With the ethos and objects of your business firmly in mind, home in your niche and stand out from the crowd. Whether you specialise in vegan-friendly products or advanced technological treatments, advertise the special things that make you different from the various beauty establishments around you. These specialised features will be sure to appeal to a specific group of people and help you to attract the right customers for your business.

The Technology


Business technology is not a one size fits all scenario. If you’re trying to find the right point of sale system for your spa business, you’ll realize just how specialized that system must be. You have specific requirements that need to be catered for regarding the software set-up of your point of sale. While the hardware may look the same, the software requirements are very different.

You need a system that can manage the inventory of your salon while also integrating and synching with scheduled appointments and client data. The experience for your customer needs to be seamless, otherwise, all the good work that was done by their full body massage will be undone when it comes to checking out. With an efficient, made-for-purpose system, you can deliver an experience that benefits your customer and your profits.

Future Proof Your Spa Business


Besides the point-of-sale system, there are other future-proof ideas you need to implement if you want your spa business to run smoothly long into the future.

  1. Never mind go cashless, go contactless. A cash-only business is going to lose a lot of customers already, and if you can offer contactless card payments that’s even better. Due to its speed and convenience, it’s the go-to method of payment for many people today so if you don’t include this as part of your point of sale, you’re going to fall behind the industry standard. When the days are busy and the queues are long, you’re going to be very glad that you invested in the speedy and secure payment method of contactless.
  2. Make communication digital. Emails and SMS messages are great ways to stay in touch with customers – send appointment reminders, marketing, promotions, offers and services that will appeal to your client.
  3. Consider offering virtual options. If you offer consultations as part of a treatment plan, and if an in-person meeting isn’t required, why not do it virtually? Virtual appointments developed out of necessity during the global covid 19 pandemic, but due to their ease and convenience, many businesses have kept on using them even beyond the necessity. Virtual appointments are a very convenient way of dealing with consultations and they work well for staff and clients alike. Offer virtual check-ins to improve customer relations without taking up too much valuable time in person.

It involves some flexibility and agility but if you can keep up with the trends of technology in your spa business, you’re going to build a successful venture that will stand the tests of time.

While the future remains unknown and uncertain, do what you can now to prepare for it. Customers will appreciate the innovation of a business that is making changes so that it will stick around for years to come. By implementing the right tools, payments will be easier and more secure.

Point-of-sale systems will fit your needs and provide an easier experience for both the client and the till user – this will save a lot of time and stress when it comes to training too! Hybrid services will conserve the precious time of your staff while offering an inclusive and sometimes safer experience for more vulnerable clients. Don’t be afraid of change – embrace it! Seek out the best options for your business and you will be able to create the relaxing spa that you’ve always dreamed of.