The dedicated server hosting will make the difference between you leading a successful brand, and your data getting stolen, your site crashing constantly, and your customers being constantly unhappy with what you are offering. Thanks to today’s technology, we no longer have to put up with only the local options and providers we have, and we can easily take our business to any country in the world that offers the same or similar services. Here, we are going to tell you more about the benefits of using offshore dedicated server hosting, and we are going to give you some reasons why you should at least entertain the idea of using these providers instead of just going local.


1. You can decrease the costs

The number one reason why so many brands choose to take their business offshore is because of the costs. Depending on the country where you live, the costs for a yearly hosting can go up to five digits, and no one wants to invest all of their profits into a hosting server that is going to do the job right. When you choose to look for support in other countries, you will see that you can save a lot on this practice, and you can get better plans, packages, and deals for the same amount you are paying now, or you can even pay much less.

2. You will get bigger freedom

Sometimes we want to be able to say what we want, share information, or even sell goods that may be in the gray zone in our country. Some governments keep a close eye on every brand in their country, and they do not allow transparency or freedom of speech. When you go with a local provider, your site can easily be taken down if you say something that someone does not agree with. However, when you choose to go offshore, no one will take your site down, no matter what you say and no matter how opposite your opinions are to everyone else’s.


3. You will get enhanced security

We cannot lead a successful business if the data we have gets stolen or if the information we have about our clients gets shared with the major public. If you want to make sure that the website you have has supreme security, then you should consider hosting that is not just local. More often than not, the offshore providers will allow you to get enchased security features, and if you want to put some extra money into getting things that are not commonly available, you can even choose to do that.

4. You can easily scale your experience

Scalability is a must when it comes to hosting, and no one wants to pay ridiculous amounts of money for something they are not using. On the same note, we may need smaller plans when we start our brand, but with time, our brand will grow, so we would need better options and larger packages. When you explore other countries for this practice, you will see that you will get better offers and you can easily scale your experience. Make sure you read more about this and how you can choose the best plan for your needs depending on the current level of your brand.


5. You will get better customer support

Different cultures communicate in different ways, and we are all aware that some countries practice kindness and politeness far more than others. If you noticed that in your country, customer support is not trained to be nice to clients, that is not an isolated issue. If you want to take things to the next level, and if you want to be able to get support from places that offer supreme support, you need to go offshore. You can choose the provider based on the country, and you can get the best solutions in almost no time.

6. You will decrease the chances of loss of data

We are all aware that natural disasters happen, and they may happen in different places on the same continent. However, unless something happens that will change the world as we know it, it is not common for things to happen on different continents at the same time. When you opt for a primary hosting that is in another country or continent, and when you have a backup in several places, you are less likely to experience data loss. Even if a disaster struck in one place, you will always have your files saved in the other.


7. You can get your money back if you are not content

Sometimes the expectations we have do not match what the provider has given us, and at other times, our desires may change, or we may realize that we don’t want to collaborate with that exact business. More often than not, local hosting servers will require you to sign deals with them that will prevent you from changing them for years to an end, and even if you choose to end the agreement, you will never get your money back, no matter the reason. When you choose to go offshore, you will be able to get your investment back in case you are not content and if you don’t think they’ve lived up to the expectations.

8. You can use any currency to pay

Another benefit of this practice is the fact that you can use any currency you want to do the payment. When it comes to local hosting, not every brand will allow you to pay with cryptos or even a different currency than the one in the country. However, when you go offshore, you can choose what you want to do the transaction in, and if you want to pay with a cryptocurrency, chances are, you will be allowed to do that.


Three are a lot more benefits of using offshore servers, but you would be aware that there are a lot of risks as well. Because of this, you should collaborate only with trusted, reliable, and transparent providers that have the needed skills, dedication, and experience. When looking for the best option for you, make sure you do the necessary checks, have a meeting with them, and consider all the options available before you make the final decision.