Have you already created an Insta business account? Or are you just at the beginning of it and want to learn the ins and outs of it? It does not matter if you have been developing your business for some time or just beginning to think about it; this article will be helpful to you. Why? Because here, we’ve covered social marketing tool examples (plus tips) that will help take your business to the next level! Where? Of course, on Insta. Today, this platform is considered the most trendy and feasible for a business setting up. Firstly, because the vast number of users increases the likelihood of expanding your subscriber base, the other is the opportunity to create compelling content and attract your audience’s attention.

But of course, it’s not all that easy, and it’s not a business paradise — you have to work hard to get results everywhere. In addition, the vast competition on the platform can motivate you to either make your profile unique and attractive or to give up on promoting your account early on because you’re convinced it’s impossible to succeed there. But all is not lost: here are some tips & tool options to help you develop your account and your brand on IG.

Tips & Tools to assist you uptake your business on IG

Free up your time with automation or all-in-one services usage


Automated tools such as Instavast, Bigbangram, Ektora, Instazood, Upleap are designed to free up your time for more essential things, providing a feature for auto-liking, commenting, follow, un-follow option and more using a smart automation system. They are aimed at increasing engagement from your subscribers and expanding their base with new ones. In addition, automation services often have additional features such as auto-posting (so-called schedulers), content downloaders, etc.


Keep in mind that all such services are not free. Besides, be careful when picking out an automation social marketing tool, as there is a chance of coming across a typical bot rather than a “human-like service”. The first one could get your account banned by the IG team as the platform makes sure there are real users on Insta with real actions.

Create best-selling content with editing tools



Insta accounts without a beautifully designed profile feed and tastefully edited photos are surely not competitive! Beautiful visuals, professionally processed images, unusual fonts, and colorful Stories are the main “punch lines” of Instagram, increasing your product awareness on the platform.See what content designing tools exist on the market today:

  • Canva, VSCO, Enlight, Afterlight, Pixlr are examples of image editing instruments that offer various filters for stunning photo transformation;
  • If you are looking for text & font insertion tools, then you may try Wordswag, Over;
    Animoto or iMovie can help you in video creation;
  • If you desire to put some creativity into the Stories, then StoryArt or Unfold will be in handy;

You can come across a lot of photo editing apps or web-based software today. Still, it’s essential to find your favorite tool and define the primary filters and color palettes for your profile images, Stories, etc., which will be your long-term assistant. Then you can edit your photos in a minute.

Plan your posting with online schedulers

To publish posts on time and remember to keep your audience engaged and provide it with up-to-date info, you might consider using third-party software — online calendars to be more precise (Later, Hooper, ScheduGram, Buffer, Hootsuite). With schedulers, you can see in advance what your feed will look like after you publish a post. In addition, it allows you to assess how the posts will be arranged visually. There you can freely post ideas, attach pictures and captions, all on the same board. But in addition to some of the features of calendars, there is also auto-posting. You set the date and time of the post, and the service will post it at that time.

Control your Insta activity with analyzing tools


Have you ever seen a successful business without analyzing its activities? Let me say straight away that business growth is impossible without analytics at every stage of its development. Or you are a God-given businessman, and everything works out for you without analyzing your growth data and so on (yet). Iconosquare, Sprout Social, Social Rank, Keyhole, supply you with a comprehensive & detailed analysis of your Insta account performance and efficiency, subscriber growth statistics, identifying your most trending posts, hottest hashtags, and a host of other analytics on your account or your competitor’s profile. Of course, each social marketing tool for analytics has its specific features in analyzing your Insta profile running. Still, they all provide more detailed statistics than Instagram Insights (it is an available statistic provided by IG for business account owners).

Explore relevant hashtags with hashtag searcher usage


Hashtags may be trivial to some, but today hashtags have become a more influential feature on Instagram. It is because, amidst so much content from even more users, they serve as a beacon that will bring a new audience to your profile thanks to a post with the right hashtags. How do you find such hashtags?

There are two ways to discover the most corresponding and trendy hashtags:

  • use hashtag search tools like Photerloo, Sistrix, All-hashtag, #HashMe, Keyword Tool;
  • do your research by analyzing the account of a competitor or influencer with the same account topic as yours and identify top hashtags they’ve included in posts.

Wrapping it up

You cannot do without additional and often paid tools to achieve quick results on Insta. But remember that your audience wants to watch you as a brand creator or business owner, which means constant interaction with your audience, whether in the Stories, Reels, or Live Videos, is necessary for business growth. The audience needs you, your real stories, the process of creating the product, your experiences, and of course, your interest and concern for them. Extra services or instruments can help you with this but will not run your Instagram business for you.