There are some essential things that every car owner should keep in their cars at all times, no matter what. Sometimes, when you are going to work, or returning home, minding your own business, your car can decide to break down.

Or ominously, you can face any sudden situation where you will need things that you thought was not important to keep in the car, but facing this need will make you wish that you had put it in the car before getting stuck in this situation.

These things can range from the simplest things like a tissue paper box to many technical things and even if you don’t agree, you are going to need these things at some point in your car.

Here is a list of the top most important things which you should keep in your car at all times. Read more to review other car essentials.



1. Owner’s manual

The owner’s manual is important in helping you consider important information such as recommended PSI and fuel levels, as well as other important information regarding your vehicle.

Make sure to keep this manual book in your car’s glove compartment before leaving the house so if you face any emergency, you can have a look at the manual to know which spare parts will be suitable for your car’s engine or how to fix the small issues by yourself.

2. Car repair information

If you have ever got your car repaired, keep the receipt with you along with the record of the information on car repair. You must also keep AAA information and insurance claim forms with you in your car.

These records help you when you need a second repair in the car, or when you are selling the car to provide important information about the history of the car. These payments can also be deduced as a business expense.

3. License, registration, and insurance

These documents are obvious to keep in your car even if there is no need to say this. No matter where you are driving, or even when you get a new insurance card through the mail, be sure to keep the card in your card so that you always have this important piece of document with you. it allows you to present this documentation to police officers when asked upon as is guided by the law.

You must also keep an emergency contact number in your car with these documents as it can help you in critical conditions.



1. First aid kit

A very important thing for any kind of emergency. If you are alone or with your family, many times you face circumstances where you will need a first aid kit, like bandages.

If you are driving with children, keeping an emergency kit in your car is a must. You might need to clean a cut or put a bandage on a blister and there might not be any store nearby where you can get these supplies, so it is best to have a number of essential medical products on hand which are basic, for example, bandages, pain killers, ointments or any special medication for someone who has been prescribed by a doctor.

2. Flash light

A flash light helps you in many incidents. Imagine that you have to change a tire at night where there is no street light. In these cases, a flashlight will come handy.

If the flash light you use requires batteries, always remember to keep a pair of spare batteries with you in case the old ones run out.

3. Flares or reflective tools

In case you are stuck somewhere, where there is no cellular coverage, you can end up pretty helpless. You can use flares to call for any help and reflective tools can be your nighttime safeguards which is why you should never forget to keep them in the car.

The reflective triangles enhance the visibility of ongoing traffic and lower the risk of you getting hit by any unsuspecting drivers while you wait for help.

4. Tool box

Always keep essential repairing tools in your car, because you are going to need them sometime immediately. You can keep screwdrivers, scissors, sharp edge, hammer, and a good multi-tool in your car so if your car presents you with a surprise break down, you will be able to fix it enough that you can drive it to the nearest mechanic.

Car repairs and maintenance


1. Spare tire, tire jack, and lug wrench

These are a group of 3 things which are always used together. You do not want to have forgotten your jack at the garage when you get a flat tire. You also don’t want to have a flat spare tire as it can be hard to inflate it.

So it is always best to keep a spare inflated tire, a jack, and a lug wrench in your car. And the must thing is to keep all three of these things in your car because if you don’t have one of these, the other two will not serve any purpose.

2. OBD Bluetooth adapter

A Bluetooth adapter or an OBD is a small and useful gadget that helps to diagnose any mechanical issues in your vehicle. If there is a problem in your car, for example, your “check engine light” turns on, or the car has an unexpected problem, this gadget for torque pro helps you to check which is the problem in your car and it also offers suitable solutions for these problems.

3. Cell phone charger

Probably the most important thing to keep in your car and with you all the time is your cell phone. Even though you don’t have to use cell phones during driving, but keeping it in the car is important as it not only provides you with entertainment when you connect it with a car subwoofer but also lets you connect with people if you don’t contact anyone in an emergency.

You also need a charger for your phone so if you ever run out of battery, you can charge it easily.

4. Duct tape

Many emergency fixes require strong and durable duct tape. There can be many unexpected leaks, breaks, and crack which can be instantly fixed with the help of duct tape.

Other essential things


Other things that you will need in your car include cleaning supplies and snacks. You are going to need reusable shopping bags, tissue papers, paper towels, zipper-lock bags, water bottles, and non-perishable snacks.

You are going to need all those things in your car whenever you are traveling so that if you ever need these things and there is no store nearby, you are not left helpless.

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Final verdict


Being a person who owns or drives a car, you will have faced many circumstances where you had to fix your car by yourself. Your car might have broken down at a place where there was no access to a mechanic shop or you were driving at late night when you could not call someone for help. In these cases, it is very important to have some essential things in your car to help you fix your own car.

If you are traveling far from town, you can feel hungry and there might not be any grocery shop nearby, so it is best to keep some snacks and other cleaning materials in your car which can be used in an emergency.