LED high bay lighting is the go-to solution for your office space, but also for at-home use. It is an amazing light that helps to illumination across large, high-ceilinged indoor spaces. If you need to focus and truly arrange your space, you will see everything a lot easier with LED high bay light, no matter the size of your facility. It also has some other perks for your everyday practical use or garage use. Keep on reading as we discuss all the main features of it down below.

1. What is the key difference between high bay & low bag lighting?


Low bay lighting setup is a lot more focused on its vertical lower placement and illumination. Its fixtures often incorporate a ‘designer’ look, as they’re more easily visible from ground level. Low light needs to be carefully thought out & planned, as well as positioned while taking its layout into consideration. High bay light needs to be set up with a skilled worker and at the right level. High bays are most often found in warehouses. It is more powerful and better suited to larger or taller spaces, typically with ceiling heights of 20-45 feet.

2. Where high bay is usually used

Since these LED lights are quite powerful and different from other simpler lighting solutions, it is vital to use them within fields and spaces that are suitable and proper in size. High bay kinds are available in numerous different fitting and reflector types. Different elements will also leave you or your space with a unique atmosphere. Do you need more light, diffused show, or simply luminosity? Consider the unique aspects of the environment in question, as well as the surrounding where you plan on setting this all up.

3. Different kinds of light


High bay lighting can be round in shape, now commonly called UFO high bay light. With 75% less energy usage, LED bay lights are a good go-to solution. Here are some of your options:

  •  Round high bay lights – these have that saucer shape to them. Simply hang them up and secure them with ease. These are stylish without being too overpowering, mostly used in restaurants.
  • Linear light – mostly used in grocery stores or warehouses. You can use them for bigger spaces & buildings due to their long & wide skinny look.
  •  Strip lighting – another kind that is very popular and familiar. These are old-school fluorescent bulbs with an LED approach for your home use. They will look the best once placed together for more luminosity.

4. Shop lights

Among the most typical setups and go-to options worldwide are the shop lighting options. This is a fluorescent tube lamp that is properly installed and connected to the ceiling. It looks fancy & elegant while not being too pricey. They also have large concave reflectors, helping them deliver bright and ideal light for larger areas at any given point. If you walk into a modern store that is going for that classy element, you will spot glossy, polished, or reflective surfaces, all that go so well with this type of light. It has become a staple in some bigger furniture stores as well.

5. Industrial lighting


Industrial high bay lighting fixtures are another area that need, want & prefer this kind & type. Industrial lighting systems have improved significantly in the past. Thanks to the microwave activation sensors this is a common solution for the industrial approach nowadays. You will also see LEDs on traditional or even street lamps. Why are these so popular as of recently? You can thank the vastly improved longevity and reliability that they provide. Also, there is minimal downtime, a must-have for fast proper production of lighting sources.

6. Garage light system & use

High-quality garage lighting is crucial for both big & small garages. Some lower-grade setups might struggle in bringing quality, but you can even bring LED to your home and make it a ”showy” place. Popular choices for high bay lights in garages are both fluorescent and LED lamp setups, as long as they match the space in terms of their size, quality, price & brightness. You won’t experience any type of unwanted glare, yet you will have high-standard results and items that are all focused solely on detail.

7. What about their spacing installation & set-up


The spacing between lights is also an important factor to consider and go through. You don’t want to go for an aesthetically unpleasing or tacky look, do you? In most cases, here are your options:

For 15 feet high floors you should go for spacing of 12 feet for deep & noticeable bright light. If you want subtle to normal light, aim for 15 feet.

When it comes to the 20 feet height you should go for 15 feet space in between, and 18 feet for normal light.

Lastly, when working with 30 feet height, you can go for 20 feet spacing between the lights. In normal set-ups and circumstances go for 25 feet spacing.

It is time to light it up!

Do you want to make your space a lot more ”lit”? Since now you know the basics and some of the most important rules for choosing the right kind of model for your LED bay light, are you ready to get your hands on the best model? Check out since they have different models for your convenient use. With this model, you will enjoy the 100W dimmable UFO LED bay light for your warehouse, factory use, or garage use – depending on your needs & personal preference. You can also enjoy 150W or 240W options. With it, you will save 60% on your electricity bill, which is a great deal in the longrun. There is also a 5-year warranty for your chosen model, as well as with most of their items.