Is your birthday coming up? Confused about this year’s birthday party theme? Have you thought that a nineties theme could be the right choice for you? If you were born in the nineties, maybe this would be a perfect match for the upcoming party. Some born in 1992 are celebrating their 30th birthday this year, and this is the perfect time to throw a glamorous party in the spirit of the nineties and remember the good old days.

If you don’t know how to plan this party most easily, without any worries, we have the right tips that will make you the ultimate party planner and all present guests will envy your good organization. That’s why we ask for your full attention because we have a lot of useful tips that we have prepared just for you and for the party at which none of the guests will remain indifferent. So let’s jump right into everything you need to plan this party down to the smallest detail.

1. Start with the invitations

How else would your friends know you’re throwing a birthday party if they don’t receive an invitation. What should a nineties-themed party invitation look like? Use as many colors as possible. In these years, bright and vibrant colors, light green, blue, yellow, and purple were characteristic. You can make the invitations yourself and invest a little of your own effort in their preparation, or you can just make an electronic invitation and send it to them via email. Graffiti, tapes, and boomboxes were also characteristic of this period, so you can incorporate these symbols into your invitation.

2. Decoration


When it comes to decoration, in this regard you just need to turn on your imagination and translate it into action. What may have left the biggest impression on you during the nineties? A great idea would be if you make a board that you will use to take photos together with your friends. On the board, you can stick your idols from this period, as well as all your favorite objects from it, such for example the Rubik’s cube, rainbow plastic spring toy, trolls, Tamagotchi, and so on.

You can check out if you’re looking for unique and fun party decorations.

3. Music

Do you already have your playlist ready to cheer you up and make you dance to some of the best music hits of the 90s? If you haven’t done so, start now. Choose your favorite hits that remind you of some beautiful moments from your childhood. On the music playlists of this period, the songs of boy bands such as N Sync and Backstreet Boys were the most popular hits, but female groups such as Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls were also quite popular. Let’s not forget the amazing vocals of pop musicians such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and many others. During this period, the hip hop and RnB scene experienced its popularity, so a good party would not be complete without the tracks of Eminem, Salt-N-Pepa or 2pac.

4. Neon signs


The characteristic of this period was also the amazing illuminated advertising signs that we could see at every step, from gas stations, discos, bars, and shops, they were simply all around us and contributed to a good atmosphere. As a plus idea for the decorative part of your birthday party, today you have the opportunity to order your own sign of your choice. If you are wondering about the easiest way to get this type of decoration, our recommendation is to visit this site where you can create unique neon lights that will capture the energy of the nineties. For a moment you will think that you have gone back 30 years with the help of a time machine.

5. Food

What is interesting about this period, is that all the snacks and food tasted like pizza. Children, as well as adults, adored this period because there was an incredible selection of the most versatile snacks with the most beautiful taste in the world, and that is pizza. Pizza or pizza rolls must be part of the best nineties-themed party. But that’s not all, what was most popular among the generations of that period were McDonald’s meals, or rather Happy Meals, which had an additional toy with our favorite cartoon characters. If you think that pizza would not be enough for this occasion, order plus McDonald’s meals that will manage to bring back the taste of childhood.

6. Drinks


Unfortunately, some of the juices or drinks that have been consumed in 90s are no longer produced today. However, in the larger market chains, we can find 2 or 3 brands that still exist today and can be bought. How to incorporate these drinks into your party? Very easily, the classic juices that were popular at that time can be used to make shots or beautiful summer cocktails. This is another phenomenal idea that will help us taste childhood again, but now in the role of adults. Surely these flavors would help us bring back a series of memories and events that we can share at the party. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

7. Dress code

Like any other party, this one must have an appropriate dress code. On the invitations that you make, you can freely state what the dress code would be. Of course, you would follow the fashion trends that were popular during the 90s, such as flannel, denim, bright colors and patterns, and so on. You can also give your guests an idea to dress up as their favorite idol from this period. If you need motivation and inspiration in terms of choosing clothes, you can just look at how some of the characters wore themselves in one of the most popular series of this period, which was one of our favorites, the TV series Friends.

These are some of the tips that would help you throw one of the best parties of the decade. Not only will you have the best time of your life, but this birthday may be one to remember forever. So, get your Polaroids ready, turn on the neon lights, blast your favorite nineties dance hits and get ready for the best party in town.

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