We are now deep into the NFL season, more than halfway through the year. We have already seen a lot of exciting events unfold, and many more are still left to come. At this point of the season, the NFL’s MVP race is wide open. While there are some players who have the highest odds in sportsbooks and appear to be the favourites, anything can happen, and no one has truly separated from the pack.

While things are pretty bunched up right now, most sportsbooks have listed the top players on their odds trackers, and things are very close. Let’s look at some of the players that have the highest odds on sportsbooks of winning the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award at this point of the season.

Patrick Mahomes

With no one pulling ahead in the race, Patrick Mahomes is the presumptive favorite on most betting sites. This is somewhat surprising, given that Mahomes is battling through what might be his toughest season. The Chiefs are thriving, and Mahomes is playing great, but he isn’t putting up the jaw-dropping numbers we are used to expecting from him. A big reason for this might be the Chiefs’ lack of wide receivers. But the team is humming along, and most betting operators give him strong odds of having a big latter half of the season to end up with his third Most Valuable Player award.

Jalen Hurts


Jalen Hurts led the Eagles to the Super Bowl last year and finished second in the MVP vote. Many were wondering if he could repeat that type of performance this year. So far, through just nine games, the answer is yes. The Eagles have the best record in the league, and Hurts has been a big reason why. While interceptions have been a problem, Hurts has been an electric leader who has pushed their offence to new heights. If he continues at this pace, cuts back on turnovers, and the Eagles keep obliterating everyone in their path, he will get the respect of oddsmakers.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson sits third on most sports betting websites’ list thanks to the success he has had this year while leading the Ravens. He hasn’t posted the gaudy touchdown totals we usually associate with the MVP award, but he has been productive and reliable. He is more accurate than ever this year and looks comfortable in a new offence. The Ravens seem like they could be the class of the AFC. If Jackson starts putting up bigger stats and the Ravens keep winning, it will be hard to stop Jackson from receiving his second MVP trophy.

Tua Tagovailoa


Tua Tagovailoa has taken another major step forward this year. He is captaining the Dolphins’ offence to the highest point total in the league, and his ability to hit home runs and consistently get the ball in his playmakers’ hands is a big reason why. While his questionable hairstyle might distract the media, don’t let that take away from the fact that Tagovailoa has been unquestionably elite this year. He leads the league in several passing statistics and has been lights out throughout the season. Now, he needs to show that he can win in the big games to cement himself as a true MVP candidate.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow had a rocky start to the year as he navigated a lingering injury. While no one thought the rising phenom was done for good, many supposed this season would be a write-off for the group. However, Burrow has put those talks to bed. He has had a solid stretch of games, recovering the mobility and deep ball accuracy that had made him a fan favorite. While the Bengals still face an uphill battle to win their division, especially given the talent of the teams they are up against, Burrow is back. If he can keep delivering, his first MVP may be in store.

Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey is the lone non-quarterback on this list, which shows how likely oddsmakers think it is that anyone else will end up with the award. Still, McCaffrey is an incredibly deserving candidate. He is the best offensive playmaker on a 49ers team that is loaded with offensive talent. He leads the league in rushing yards, has had a touchdown in almost every game he has played, and brings so much versatility and skill to the team’s offense. McCaffrey’s talent as a receiver and rusher could earn him the first MVP award for a running back in more than a decade.