We get it – putting your furry friend in a kennel or finding a friend to dog-sit excludes your pup from the range of fun to be had on your next vacation. So whether you’re traveling with your Fido for the first time or the hundredth, let these four top tips make your journey easier and happier.

1. Register Your Service Dog

If you have an assistance animal, such as a service canine, taking them with you on your adventures may be necessary for your safety and general well-being. While all of these tips apply to someone traveling with a service dog, registering them will ensure a smooth vacation for all involved.

In undergoing service dog registration, your journey may become more accessible when staying in accommodations or traveling via complicated transportation routes. While businesses are limited in the questions they can ask about your assistance canine, they are allowed to ask if your pup is an assistance dog. Registering your pooch may help to smooth out these moments and give you the confidence to say: “yes, absolutely!”

2. Pack Supplies


Much like children, pups can’t pack for themselves, so be sure not to forget the simple things, including:

  • Food
  • Bottle of water
  • Food and water bowl
  • Dog waste bags
  • Your canine’s bed or blanket
  • Daily treat (or two!)
  • Leads
  • Collar

Every pooch is different, and your supplies preparation may alter depending on where you’re traveling with your pup. However, it’s always good to have a host of backup supplies if anything goes wrong in your itinerary. We know journeys can change in a moment – life happens. Take a larger water bottle with you. If you’re stuck in traffic, you don’t want your pup dehydrated, so watch out for warning signs.

3. Stay In Pet-Friendly Places

In the excitement of booking a vacation for you and your beloved canine, you may easily forget that only some people love dogs. Hotel and motel companies usually outline whether or not they accept animals, so double-check before you arrive – and always be respectful.

Luckily there’s a rise in pet-friendly accommodations. Some hotels let pets stay, so with some investigating, you won’t be spoiled for choice.

4. Pick Your Activities Wisely


While it might be tempting to book yourself a vacation by the sea, where you can relax and enjoy long, restful days, keep your pup and your canine’s temperament in mind and ask yourself: Is it fair to bring them along?

Sometimes, a kennel or dog sitter is more appropriate when you want or need to travel where you know you won’t have quality time to spend with your pet. One easy solution? Travel somewhere you know you and your canine will both love. That way, you both get a vacation, and there’ll be less frustration when your pooch has expended its necessary energy.

Final Thoughts

Let your vacation be a fun time for you and your canine! Whether an assistance pup or a family pet, follow these tips to keep your vacation happy, stress-free, and better than ever.