As fans of Mixed Martial Arts and lovers of UFC bouts, we have some special fights that we definitely want to see this year. Fights that are likely to happen, fights that can hardly happen, fights that are still in conception or fights that have already been scheduled. Fights that will produce the ultimate champions and fights that are going to determine dominance, not a title.

Fights that will surge bets, because they will be so intense and challenging that they’ll push punters’ engagement over the limits, and so every sportsbook all over the world including every bangladeshi betting site will be inclined to offer very attractive and enticing markets. Fights that will make history, or fights that will change the course of MMA history! Fights that will make all of us thrilled and exhilarated.

So, which are some of these fights? Let’s see the countdown of the top three.

No. 3: Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones


This would be a dream fight for fans and a very challenging fight for the fighters themselves. But the truth is that we are definitely not going to see it happen, as Ngannou has parted ways with UFC, after demands and requirements not being met. UFC president Dana White has announced the ‘divorce’, belittling Ngannou in a short-of-way, and what is now certain is that we won’t have the pleasure to watch those two combat each other. But this never-going-to-happen fight could not be missing from this countdown.

No. 2: Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya 2


The Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya 2 fight is officially scheduled for April 8, at UFC 287 main event. A rematch where the middleweight title is up for grabs and the two fighters will resume where they left off, finishing what they started back in November in their first encounter in MMA. Pereira’s championship was determined at UFC 281 last November, and how he will be called to defend his title, against raged Adesanya who wants the belt back- after having lost it to Pereira!

No. 1: Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler


The number 1 fight in our list is one that has already been announced and it is on the UFC’s list, though not formally scheduled yet. Yes, it is a fact that we will get to see McGregor back in action, as a welterweight, fighting against a very very bad guy, Michael Chandler.

Earlier in February, Dana White confirmed that this fight is booked and he gave an instant gratification and excitement to all fans who were long waiting to see the ultimate star “Notorious” return. Although the fight against the 36 year-old Michael Chandler was not what most of us expected, it is greater than our hopes and will surely give us something unique and memorable.

The fight will take place within the framework of the Ultimate Fighter show, which will feature both as coaches of the aspiring, rising stars in MMA. At the end of the competition show, the two coaches confront each other and this is when we will get to see McGregor’s actual return in the fights. It’s going to be a blast!