If you spend more time playing video games and dreamt of having gaming as your career to pay all your bills, you should know there are various ways to carve out a career in video games. 

The video gaming industry has progressed at a rapid pace. Formerly, it only aimed at teenagers and children but now it has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar system that is similar to the television and the movie industry. There are cosplayers, eSports athletes, and streamers who are earning up to 6-7 figure salaries every month. Even though not everyone will be able to make such a big amount in gaming, it is definitely worth a shot. 

In case gaming is your life and do not really know how you can make it more than only a hobby, you should follow the steps given below. 

Decide on the Professional Gaming Path

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The first step that you need to take as a professional gamer is to decide what you would like to take on. When you are done deciding, you need to get familiar with it and then practice it. Twitch streaming and playing competitively are the two popular aspects of gaming. However, these are not the only ones. 

The market is expanding and with time, people are taking more interest in watching the game and the tournaments. Moreover, cosplaying has also gained recognition as some of the cosplayers are earning $100,000 per year. Thus, no matter the path you choose for building your gaming career, make sure that you are passionate about what you are doing. 

You need dedication and hard work. Thus, if you are not devoted, you will have a hard time achieving success.  

eSports Career that does not Involve Competing

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The best way to make money is eSports is by being an athlete. However, there are many people who do not have those types of skills. However, there are other ways to earn a living in eSports

  • Coaches are critical when it comes to an eSports team. Albeit, they don’t play the game themselves, it is a game that requires coaching. Almost all eSports clubs have a strategy coach. This is the person that analyzes the gameplay and helps out the team to device match-winning methods. There are several athletes and themes that employ life coaches. These are the ones who serve as personal managers instead of strategic advisors. 
  • Like every other sport, eSports events feature broadcasters which help with the action narration for the viewers. MOBA games like Dota 2 or League of Legends can be pretty hectic. There is a lot of demand for the people who will be able to communicate with what is actually going on on-screen. 
  • Any kind of gambling is always risky and though eSports gambling is not an ideal career, it has certainly turned out to be a prominent way for several people to earn some money. In case you are completely invested in professional gaming, you will have an edge over the casual gamblers and will find favorable wagers for cashing out to secure some cash. 

Play with Real People and Learn

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Play with some real people and there is no one better to get into the battlefield than your close friends. You can play online multiplayer games like CS: GO. One of the most important aspects of multiplayer games is that it serves as social gathering over the internet. Since you are playing with your friends, it implies that you can learn the game together just by sharing your experience and giving out some helpful advice to each other. This way you will also be able to build a platform of quality gamers. 

You can try out games like CS: GO, where you can play with your friends, win skins that get collected in the skinwallet as you hone your skills. Apart from securing skins, you will also get to know that you have bought together a team that you can depend on to win.

Check how the Professionals Play

If you have to be a good gamer, you need to find out how much you know and how far you are capable of imagining. Thus, you should be inspired by people who have reached the peak that you aim to reach. When you see a professional play video game, you will get to learn how they are doing it. You will also get to learn their gaming strategies and the complicated teamwork they put into it to win. When you see them play, you will get to learn their key twitch and other tips that will enable you to improve your gameplay. There are many professionals gamers who allow you to watch their game live. This is done through live streaming. 

Secure Some Gaming Kits

Image source: searchenginejournal.comIt might be sad to be in the heat of the game and find yourself losing just because of faulty hardware. Usually, the built capacity of gaming laptops allows intense gameplay. They are durable, responsive, and accurate. This will boost your gameplay and improve your gaming performance. Gaming kits come with great hardware and you can start with the cheaper options. Keep in mind that hardware plays an important role in reducing your mistakes in a game. 

Study Various Tips and Guide

When you look at people’s play, it means you will be able to monitor their movements. However, this will provide you with enough information about things that go on in their head. One of the things that you need to understand the technicalities of the game is to carry about a study. There are many in-depth and relevant information on the internet like moves, skills, weaponry, and a lot more. If you do your own research, it will help you with your game to a great extent. 

Making a constant income by making gaming your profession can be a daunting task but as you can see, it is possible. When you love gaming and make it your profession, you will know that you are living your passion.