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‘Beanie’ is just one of the hundreds of names that this accessory was given all around the world. You know, those soft little caps, without a brim, that cover our ears and protect us from the cold. But as with fashion in general, the beanie can’t avoid being a complement with its own entity – it became a serious style thing. Its casual and unique appearance, in addition to being incredibly versatile, can give an instant dose of personality to your look and give it a more modern appearance.

They have come back as a trend, but in reality, they have always been used, and the good news is that they’re ideal for both guys and girls. In addition, they’re a perfect way to protect the neck from that icy air or in case you’re having a bad hair day. Also, there are so many ways to wear them in order to achieve a different look for each day of the month. They offer you the opportunity to put a simple and elegant touch to any outfit. Ready to know more about this? We are.

5 most common types of beanies

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Classical and slouchy

These are designed in quite a modern way, with a longer length, and they can be worn by anyone, as long as they follow the fundamental norm: the first part of the hair has to be uncovered, with the hair back. Models like these look baggy and comfy, they’re quite popular among young people and teenagers and it’s possible to achieve the most sought and idealized look with them. There are also different colors and options – make sure to visit for some lovely cashmere pieces. Simply irresistible.


The only thing more fun than a hat is a hat with a cute, fluffy thread pom on the top. These bounces when you walk. And they’re simply made for lovely winter nights or exciting days on the mountain full of snow, but they are also a great fashion accessory. If the pompom is the same color as other elements that you wear – even better. It looks even better on us if the pompom and the beanie contrast with the color of your hair light-colored ones for dark hair, or a darker one for lighter hair.


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This design is probably so well-known to everyone, as it happens to be one of the oldest types of beanies, like, ever. They’re characterized by a folded part that comes right on our forehead and if it’s a little bit longer, we can even fold it a couple of times to achieve a slightly different style. Probably the best option for winter and windy time as it covers ears and protects the head in a great way, which is why they’re mostly made of wool or some warm materials. Therefore, it’s not only modern but also quite useful.


Cuffless ones are pretty similar to the previous type, except for one thing – no folds or cuffs. It might be that this is one of the most worn types, sometimes with some additional details like cute or witty prints. Unlike the woolen ones with cuffs or thread balls on the top, these are the best when single-colored, as it goes best with their design.


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Yes, that’s right – a soft, fluffy flaps as an additional part to the regular model, protecting our ears and making them warmer and tucked-in. These are simply adorable options for toddlers, babies and children in winter as their health might be quite fragile. They come in so many colors and shapes, which makes them perfectly convenient for vivid winter memories.

And now.. how to wear them?

If you’re worried about not knowing how to wear caps, there’s no need to worry – we’ll give you some very simple tips to look just great.

  • To achieve a classic look, you can cover your entire forehead and ears. The front of the cap should be just a little more above your eyebrows. Leave the hat a little loose on the top and on the back. Push your bangs under the hat, especially if they are a little greasy, and there you go – you have a different, take-it-easy style.
  • Another way to wear a beanie hat is to stretch the folds a little to have a warmer wrap around the ears. If you plan to be out in the cold for an extended period this will help you stay warm and stylish. It’ll be comfortable and should cover your forehead, ears and neck. This style may work especially well if you leave the bangs loose.
  • If, on the other hand, you are one of those who likes to give a cool and urban touch to your looks then you always have the option of using the cap more on top of your head. This style, so-called “Peter Pan”, makes the hat stand a little higher on your head and stay away from the neck. The beanie will only cover part of your ears as a result.
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  • If you want a slightly more elegant appearance than usual, use your beanie in a looser style, higher on your head and let your bangs look good, pulling it aside, and your hair. If you have too short bangs, you can let it hang down over your eyebrows. It’s a look that works best if you have long hair instead of short or medium hair, but that, in any case, will be very original.
  • Another very good option to wear a beanie with a braid. This is a super elegant option that goes with any sophisticated combination and is also quite practical. The only thing we advise you is to put it aside – it looks much better.
  • Regarding colors, have in mind that these caps come basically in every color you can imagine, making them the perfect accessory to add a touch of color to any look. You can opt for discreet tones, such as black, gray, navy blue or bet on stronger colors, such as pink, fuchsia or green. Don’t be afraid of funny colors, or a beanie with more than one color. The only thing you should keep in mind is that they serve to complement an outfit, so try to combine them as best you can with what you’re wearing or with your bag.
  • Wearing a beanie hat is great: it’s super trendy, but you shouldn’t want to abuse them. This is a young, casual style, even hipster, and isn’t valid for all situations or every day of the week. If you have to go to work and wear some smart outfits, maybe it’s best to leave them for some other day and another casual combination.

We hope that these lines have helped us to draw your attention to these lovely accessories. They’re already more than popular, sweet and worn all around the world in different forms, but it’s good anyway to remind ourselves that we can always make something new and stylish of them. Don’t wait – your wardrobe needs a couple of new ones!