Pleasure doesn’t have a gender and everyone can play with sex toys. While most types of adult toys can be used by both guys and ladies, regardless of how they’re being marketed, there are certain types of unisex toys that are even better.

If you’ve never tried unisex toys on your own or with a partner before, here are a few of the staple options you need to get started with.

The Coolest Unisex Toys to Try Out Today

1. Butt Plugs


Anal play is equally beneficial for men and for women. In fact, guys can experience a very pleasurable prostate massage that is also quite healthy.

Butt plugs and anal toys are unisex and so much fun.

The market offers many options – from small plugs to vibrating butt plugs and even tail butt plugs that can be used in a little bit of role-playing.

If you’ve never had a butt plug in you before, do start out with the smallest size. Such toys take some getting used to, which is why you don’t want to go overboard with the dimensions. Also, you want to make sure that you’re putting on a lot of lube for the experience to be pleasurable.

2. Bendable and Adjustable Vibrators


Such vibrating toys are advertised as enhancements for couples. When two people have such an accessory between them, both can experience pleasure during foreplay or penetrative sex.

Vibrators for couples are typically meant to stimulate the penis and clitoris at the same time. There are also some toys that can be partially inserted for G-spot stimulation, while the other end is exposed to pleasure the second person.

This sex toy market segment has become so popular over the past few years that you’ll discover a wide range of quality vibrators for couples. Make sure that the one you’re going for can be used in a number of ways, giving you maximum versatility for the price you’re going to pay.

3. Dildos


Just like butt plugs, dildos can be considered unisex toys.

A dildo is meant for penetration and it replicates the feel and the appearance of an actual penis. Modern dildos, however, come in all shapes and sizes. On top of that, they could brag some additional features contributing to a realistic or a more pleasurable experience.

Vibrating dildos, squirting dildos, giant dildos – both guys and women can have fun with those. Suction cup dildos are also a lot of fun because they can be stuck to the floor or a wall. As a result, these dildos simplify solo play and make it possible to experiment with various positions.

Taking some time to acquaint yourself with different dildo varieties will be important, especially if you’ve never bought one before. Reading reviews is a great starting point, acquainting you with key characteristics and the benefits of different products or brands. If you are not sure where to start, you can visit this page which covers a wide range of options for men, women, and couples.

4. Bullet Vibrators


The tiny bullet vibrator is created for clitoral stimulation but it can be used in numerous additional ways.

A bullet vibe is small and compact. It has a smooth surface and a bullet-like shape that gives the toy its name.

Bullet vibrators can be pressed against different body parts and erogenous zones to produce a pleasurable response. There are so many possibilities – the neck, the breasts, the tummy, the penis, the perineum, the anal area, and even the little hollow behind the knee.

Vibrations are pleasurable for both genders and whether you’re engaging in solo play or sex with a partner, a bullet vibe is a must-have.

5. Finger Vibrators


Vibratory stimulation feels good and it has even been used therapeutically throughout time.

This is one of the many reasons why various adult toy types rely on vibrations to contribute to arousal and pleasure.

Just like the bullet vibrator, a finger vibrator is a great unisex toy that can encourage self or partnered exploration.

A finger vibrator is very small and meant to be worn on the finger. When put on, the toy can be used for clitoral or penile stimulation. Going beyond the obvious genital stimulation, however, a finger vibrator will feel incredible when applied to many different body parts.

6. A Cock Ring


While the name of this toy sounds gendered, it’s definitely a unisex option.

When put around the penis, a cock ring produces pleasurable vibrations for the wearer. During penetration, it can also be used to stimulate the anus or the vulva and clitoris.

Even people who are not engaging in sex with a partner can have fun with a cock ring.

All you need to do to experience the pleasurable vibrations is put the cock ring around a favorite dildo. The use of two sex toys at the same time is the ultimate recipe for a mind-blowing orgasm.

7. Magic Wands


This final choice is an all-time favorite because it’s both powerful and versatile.

A magic wand or a body massager is typically used for clitoral stimulation. Because of the intensity of its vibrations, the toy can contribute to quick and incredibly powerful orgasms.

A magic wand, however, just like all other vibrators can be applied to different body parts as a form of massage or foreplay. From the back to the thighs and the neck, all bits of skin will respond with delicious tingling when they’re being stimulated in such a consistent and intense way.

All of these toys can be enjoyed during solo fun or with a partner. Don’t be fooled by the way a certain item is being marketed. There will obviously be one intended use but most sex toys are a lot more versatile than what you’ll initially see.

To choose the right unisex toys, do a bit of research and get a good idea about how a particular item works. If you know what it is and what it’s capable of accomplishing, you can utilize the item on yourself or a partner to have fun and to even take your sexual pleasure in directions you wouldn’t have considered possible before.