So, you are going to replace your old desk with a new one. Of course, the new item is going to be a height-adjustable one. It shall serve you for ages, and it shall be super convenient to work at. So, you shall approach the selection very responsibly.

Companies that take care of their clients to whatever is possible to facilitate the choice. So, you can always ask a company representative in a live chat any questions you might have. Via email, you can specify your requirements and explain the details of your order. Some companies offer an opportunity to customize your order. You can get a custom desktop, lifting frame, or even make your own desk design, and the manufacturer will make it for you.

However, one of the most convenient tools that simplify the selection process indeed is a Desk Builder. With it, you can make a desk online, and only if everything is suitable, pay for it and get it delivered.

Desk Builder: How It Works


Desk Builder is extremely easy to use. You move to a respective page on the website. There, you see two fields: the right one, and the left one. The left field is empty, there, your choices will be added. In the right field, options to choose from are displayed.

  1. Start with the general appearance of your desk. Choose one, and click on it. The desk shape will be displayed in the left field.
  2. After that, you move on with choices. By clicking on a lifting frame, you choose one and move it to the left. Then, select the desk top. On, you can find the main options. You will need to choose from different shapes, sizes, colors.
  3. Control elements and other components also come in several options. By clicking on them, you are adding them to your standing desk.
  4. Don’t forget to check the price. It will be changing every time when you are adding a different component. So, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when checking in.
  5. When the desk is built, you can have a look at different accessories. They are created to complement a height-adjustable furniture piece and make your work more comfortable.

Once the choice is made, you can move directly to the check-out option and buy the item. It will be delivered directly to the address you have indicated.

Technical Features Also Matter


Most companies make desks for average needs. While the height shall not be an issue, all available desks can be adjusted to the needed height value easily, other features are worth checking.

So, the lifting power of the desk is sufficient for the majority of applications. However, if you work with heavier equipment, say, you use several monitors or printing equipment that weighs more than normal, you shall pay special attention to this feature.

Accessories to Look at


Among the variety of accessories, you can have a look at the options that change the way you work, indeed.

  • Lockable wheels are an amazing option for those who love moving around while working. You don’t have to stay in the same place now. Attach lockable wheels, and move your desk around. You can put it in front of your office window to enjoy the sunset, or you can move it deeper, close to a fireplace on a cold winter day. The wheels allow to do it without the slightest effort. Lock the wheels, and you get an absolutely stable desk.
  • If you use a CPU, you need to store it somewhere. We know that some people keep it on the floor, and it is highly not recommended. The CPU can be damaged there, it gets dusty, and it doesn’t look nice. That’s why there are special CPU holders for height-adjustable desks. You fix it under the desk and put your CPU there. It looks nice, you don’t need to buy those bulky supports, and you can remove it whenever you want.
  • A drawer is one more invention worth your attention. This is a must-to-be accessory for those who work with documents or need some items or devices to perform their work properly. While we are used to traditional desks and traditional drawers, the things are completely different in the case of a height-adjustable desk. They come without drawers normally. However, you can buy a drawer as a separate accessory. Such drawers can be fixed under the top in a convenient location. If you don’t need the drawer, you can remove and store it.

Other accessories might be needed, too. It all depends on your work specifics and wishes. So, some people prefer using a monitor support. And indeed, it is believed that with the item, it is easier to adjust the monitor to the needed height and at the required tilt.

For other specialists, a paper organizer is a mandatory accessory. If it is your case, consider getting an automated paper organizer. It will boost the comfort level and will allow you to use the available space in the most efficient way.

Bottom Line


Now, finding a place where to buy a standing desk isn`t difficult. The main issue is to choose the most suitable option. Most likely, you will need to read about the main models that are offered, their specifics, pros, and cons. It is possible that you will need to contact the company representatives many times before you make a final decision. It is normal, don’t hesitate to ask and request any information that you need.

Additionally, pay attention to the following details. A reliable manufacturer that makes good products offers a guarantee. So, check if this option is available and the conditions that work for the item return. Also, make sure the company delivers to your location. If not, check what delivery options exist. Once you have found the right item, order it, equip it depending on your needs, and enjoy using it. We bet you will feel the difference in your physical and mental condition asap.