Virtual Reality (VR) applications offer immersive and interactive experiences across different sectors. These apps can be mainly categorized into gaming and non-gaming applications.

In this article, we will focus on non-gaming applications you can use daily for entertainment and learning. Because VR has influenced multiple sectors like healthcare, education, training, entertainment, tourism, and development.

Well, apps can also be categorized into the following categories. First-person apps place users inside virtual worlds as avatars, while through-the-window apps allow users to view the virtual world through a desktop monitor. Mirror world apps provide a second-person experience, where users interact with characters through a video camera input.

Moreover, imagine the possibilities of a high-speed internet connection flawlessly merging with the world of virtual reality (VR). With lightning-fast speed, as CenturyLink Internet provides, you can unlock a whole new level of immersive experiences right from the comfort of your own home. It brings you not just reliable internet connectivity, but a ticket to the extraordinary world of VR.

With that sorted, let’s explore the top VR Apps that you must know about.

1. YouTube VR


YouTube is well-known for its collection of 360-degree videos and virtual reality content. They have a wide range of videos available, including music and wildlife videos. Surprisingly, YouTube also offers original VR content from various creators, including popular channels like National Geographic, Discovery, and the NBA.

This means you can get up close and personal with your favorite sports stars, explore stunning locations worldwide, and try out new and exciting experiences. While you may need to search through a lot of content, YouTube’s VR apps offer a variety of options to ensure you find something unforgettable.

Though it may not have everything, you can trust that YouTube’s VR apps have a lot to offer.

2. Netflix VR

If you’re getting bored of watching movies in your regular living room, you can try the Netflix VR experience. It lets you watch Netflix shows and movies in a virtual reality setting that feels like a cozy living room with a big screen. And if you want to relax and watch shows on an even bigger screen, you can also use the Amazon Prime and YouTube VR apps.

A study conducted by Magid and the VR/AR Insights group found that the Netflix VR app is the most popular among virtual reality users, with 22% of them using it. Minecraft VR comes next with 20% usage, and about 19% of users have watched live NBA or NFL games in virtual reality.

3. BRINK Traveler


If you have a love for nature and a desire to explore stunning places around the world, Brink Traveler offers a virtual reality experience that allows you to visit these locations in high- definition. With this virtual travel app, you can immerse yourself in beautiful landscapes without needing to pack a bag or bring your passport.

Each location is precisely captured in VR, providing an interactive experience where you can learn about the environment as you explore and hike around. From Iceland’s waterfalls to Horseshoe Bend, Mount Whitney, The Wave, and Arches National Park, you can discover real destinations across the globe.

Also, the app features 24 incredible spots in 17 different locations, and you have the option to travel alone or enjoy multiplayer mode with friends and family. You can collect points of interest, capture photos to share with friends and download only the locations you want to see. It is a must-have app.

4. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is an awesome virtual reality (VR) experience that lets you explore incredible places and landmarks in a whole new way.

With just a VR headset like Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive, or Cardboard, you can start off in space and then zoom in to any location on Earth. It’s perfect for students who are studying geography and history because you can take virtual trips to different places and even examine 3D models of the human body.

In addition, if you’re interested in more VR adventures, there are other cool apps like Google Expeditions, VR Mojo Orbulus, Sites in VR, Ocean Rift, YouVisit, and Veer that offer exciting tours and experiences. So get ready to board on virtual journeys and discover amazing things right from your own classroom or home.

5. FitXR


FitXR is an awesome virtual reality (VR) fitness app that offers a variety of workouts to help you get sweaty and toned. You can choose from HIIT, boxing, or dance workouts, and even pick your own coach. The app is designed to keep you engaged with its endless options for music and environments, from pop to rock and peaceful mountains to digital realms.

If you’re tired of doing the same old workouts, FitXR is perfect for you. It has seen tremendous growth in popularity, especially during the pandemic, as people look for ways to stay active and energized at home. With a subscription of $9.99 per month, you can access a library of on-demand workouts led by professional trainers.

The app is currently available on Oculus Quest and will soon be launching on Steam and PlayStation VR.

Bottom Lines

Virtual reality (VR) entertainment apps have opened up a whole new world of amazing experiences and endless possibilities. Whether playing games or exploring virtual travel destinations, VR has completely changed how we enjoy entertainment.

Virtual reality has truly transformed the way we experience entertainment, blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. So, put on your headset and get ready to embark on extraordinary journeys in the world of virtual reality entertainment!