We are sure you have at least heard of Tinder if you haven’t used it. Finding a soul mate or sexual partner has always been a need of every human being. Once upon a time, before the advent of mobile phones and the internet, you could only do that in person. Although even before the advent of the Internet, letter exchange was popular, which can be considered a precursor to Tinder and all other ways of dating that do not face to face.

With the advent of Tinder, many things have changed. Although it used to be weird, now it’s a normal thing to know a couple who met like that. Think about it, someone from your circle of friends must have met someone that way. It has become a global phenomenon. So much so that on Google last year, only two questions were asked more often than “How does Tinder work?”

But as with anything where you meet strangers, and you can’t even see them, there are risks. Also, there are risks of hacking your account on this social network.
So today, we will explain to you how it works and also ways to best protect your account.

What is it and how does it work?


This is an application designed for dating. You can generally use any social network for that purpose, but here it is the main and only goal. You review profiles and mark the ones you are interested in. When the other person reciprocates, it is then a match. Only then can you start a conversation. This way, it is arranged so that you can avoid aggressive and annoying people. So if only one is interested, there is no access to communication with another person. The only way is that if the person has linked Instagram and Tinder profiles, then you can visit the Instagram profile and maybe continue communicating there.

Tinder is not a new application, although it has only gained great popularity in the last few years. It was made in 2012 at the University of Southern California. It is now available worldwide and has hundreds of millions of users. According to the data, over 20 million matches happen daily.

How to get started?


It works by having the app show you profiles that match the general criteria you set in advance. It shows you your name, age, photos and some other information, such as distance from you. Since you receive very little initial information, based on which you need to decide if you are interested in that person and whether you want to start a conversation, it is considered that photography and distance from you play the biggest role in the decision.

You can also click and get more profile information, but most decide as soon as they see a profile photo. If you are unsure, you can look at the other photos. If you slide to the right, you are interested. If you slide to the left, it will be the end of communication even before it starts. It never alerts you if there is no match, so you will not know if the other person has given you NO or has not seen your profile yet, so stay calm.

A good tactic is that if you really like someone and they have an Instagram profile, follow there so that you have another chance if they reject you on Tinder.

Ways to secure your account


No matter how hard the developers try to keep everything at the highest level, including your security, it is not always possible. In addition to the possibility of having unpleasant experiences with aggressive people, it is also possible for someone to hack your tinder account and thus cause you inconvenience. Learn more here how someone can breach your account.

1. Make Facebook just for Tinder needs


To register, you must have a Facebook account. However, if you want to preserve security and privacy, make Facebook just for this need, not your account that you have for years. That way, no one will be able to find you in the online world. And if you want to further ensure your security, even create a new email address, just to register a new Facebook profile. This way, everything will be tied exclusively to your Tinder account.

2. Be careful what content you share


If you write your name and some other contact information, it is very likely you will experience some inconvenience. Stalkers are all around us. In addition to being very boring, it can also be potentially dangerous. We never know who we will run into in the online world.

We have already said that it is best to create a new Facebook profile. Also, don’t put list your job or school. That way, someone will find you easily.
It’s also best to share photos that you haven’t shared anywhere else. Because Google has the option to search for photos, and that way, it will be very easy for someone to find you.

3. Set your Facebook privacy settings


Regardless of whether you choose to use your real Facebook account or made one just for this purpose, it is important to adjust Facebook’s privacy settings. In any case, set the privacy setting so that matches cannot contact you outside of that application.

4. Use VPN


While this is the best dating app, it is often the case that dating apps do not have exactly the best security standards. They use insecure connections. Because of that, you should use a VPN to protect yourself. This way, the communications between you and the server will be encrypted and secure. You will fully protect your IP address and online traffic will be secure.


Tinder is an application for iOS, Android, and a computer that you can use for free. Although it also has a premium version, with its Gold and Plus plans that have some interesting features if you want to get many matches. Just follow tips we gave you for securing your account and good luck in finding your best match.