Wedding tourism in Georgia is an increasingly popular option for newlyweds looking to have a wedding in a unique and exotic setting. Georgia, located at the crossroads of East and West, offers many attractive wedding venues that combine traditional Georgian customs with modern trends.

A wedding in Georgia, even with a seemingly minimal budget of $500, can offer you plenty of opportunities and benefits. Let’s take a look at what you can get for such a modest wedding budget.

Eleven benefits of a budget wedding in Georgia:

  1. Savings. Georgia is a very, very affordable country for wedding tourism. You can find more budget-friendly options for accommodations, food, and wedding event services here, which will save you money compared to other popular wedding destinations.
  2. Unique atmosphere. Sakartvelo offers a unique and authentic atmosphere for a wedding. The rich history and culture of this country, national traditions, and customs can give your wedding a special flavor and uniqueness.
  3. Speedy bureaucratic processes. For getting married in Georgia you don’t need to collect a big package of documents – all you need is a passport and a desire to get married. And you can organize it all in one day.
  4. Beautiful nature. Georgia is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, including the Caucasus Mountains, picturesque vineyards, lakes, and rivers. This creates unique opportunities for a wedding ceremony against a backdrop of majestic mountains, green meadows, or grape groves.
  5. Privacy. By choosing to register your marriage abroad, you can considerably limit the circle of invited guests or not invite anyone to the wedding at all. This is a great opportunity to get rid of guests you do not want to see and at the same time not to hurt someone’s feelings.
  6. Georgian Cuisine. Georgian cuisine is known for its variety and exquisite taste. It can be one of the main benefits of a wedding in Georgia. Guests can be pleased with exquisite national dishes such as khachapuri, khinkali, mtsvadi, and other Georgian delicacies, which will add brightness and originality to your wedding table, but this buffet will not cost you a tidy sum.
  7. Hospitality of the locals. Georgian people are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. When visiting this country, you can unexpectedly get to someone’s party and spend time with hospitable hosts, fully immersed in the local colors and traditions.
  8. Photogenic Locations. Georgia offers many beautiful locations that can be the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. From historic buildings and streets of Tbilisi to panoramic views of the mountain landscape and vineyards of Kakheti. You don’t even have to make a special effort to get an unforgettable photo shoot with fantastic views.
  9. Unique Wedding Rituals. Adding local customs to your wedding, such as a toastmaster or Georgian dancing, will add a special twist to the celebration itself and make your celebration absolutely unlike any other.
  10. Destination Wedding Opportunities. Georgia also offers many opportunities for wedding vacations. You can organize a romantic honeymoon in one of the picturesque cities, enjoy wine tastings in the Kakheti region, visit thermal springs or try extreme sports in the mountains. This could be the perfect ending to your wedding trip.
  11. Cultural Heritage. Georgia has a rich cultural heritage that you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. You can organize traditional Georgian dances and songs, use national elements in the decor, or incorporate Georgian wedding rituals and customs into your ceremony, which will add a special charm and atmosphere to your wedding celebration.

Of course, with such a modest $500, you won’t be able to afford all of the above, but such an extensive list gives you a lot more to choose from and get a lot more when compared to many other countries.

In addition, the $500 can include working with a professional wedding agency, «Shu Wedding». Our managers can offer you one of the standard packages or calculate a budget depending on your wishes.

The standard package includes:

  • Personalized assistance with marriage registration in Tbilisi.
  • Consultation and guidance from a wedding planner for official marriage registration.
  • Translation and notarization of passports.
  • Preparation and submission of marriage registration application.
  • Provision of witnesses.
  • Professional translator for the wedding ceremony.
  • Expedited English translation and apostille of the marriage certificate (within 4 or 1 business day).
  • Transportation arrangement for the couple to the marriage registration venue.

The price of this wedding escort for foreign couples to register their marriage in Georgia is only $450. But with this, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and you will receive your marriage certificate a few hours after arriving in Georgia.

When organizing a wedding in Georgia on a limited budget, you should pay attention to the reputation and reviews of the wedding agency you’re working with to be sure of the quality of services provided. It is also worth discussing all the details and costs with the organizer in advance to avoid unforeseen costs and unpleasant surprises. It is also important to remember that a wedding is a special day in your life, and you should not save too much on the quality of the organization and the event.


Overall, a wedding in Georgia on a budget of $500 or less can be a great option for those looking for original wedding options. With its unique culture, gorgeous natural scenery, diverse wedding venues, and hospitable locals, Georgia offers many advantages for a budget-friendly celebration.