If you’re planning a large retirement party, or a small sweet sixteen, you might find yourself out of your comfort zone.  Events, from weddings to memorials, all have a lot of planning stacked on top of them.  There’s catering, guest lists, performers, venues, and a billion other things that add up into a big headache for most people.

This mess is why event planners exist.

Here are some reasons you should hire an event planner when the need arises.

They Have Special Deals On Services


Because they work on weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs for a living- most wedding planners have solid connections in the industry.  They can get you better deals on anything from catering to trapeze artists – and can barter with those whose prices aren’t low enough.  They know how much services should usually cost, and can avoid things like the ‘wedding markup’ which without them would leave you doling out money you don’t have to dole.

Check this:

They’ve Done This Before


Event planners have seen it all.  From kids sticking their hands in fondue fountains, to mother in laws fighting in the parking lot, they know to expect almost anything. Planners can recognize problems before they arise, which gives them the chance to nip it in the bud. Instead of you having to go through a struggle, they can use their experience to dodge those bullets they’ve been hit by before. You’ll get their insight on how to get people on the dance floor, while also saving money on decor.

It Saves Money

Different from many opinions, we can see that a hiring planner can provide you with an opportunity to save some money. We are pretty sure that it doesn’t sound like that since you are hiring someone after all. But, just think about so many events that are organized by you. When you take the proportions of the events you are organizing and their size, you can be sure that having an event planner means that you will be able to avoid all the mistakes that can cost you pretty much if it hasn’t been done properly.

Finding the Suppliers


Organizing any kind of event is a pretty stressful thing. One of the most tiring of all the processes essential for making it good enough is to find the proper suppliers. But, you should have in mind that you are not the only one who is interested in organizing something at that moment. Therefore, you need to think about looking for some suppliers long before you actually start to think about organizing anything. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that suppliers will have all the things you need for an event. So, having someone who will do all the research will save you from wasting your time on it. They will help you in getting that venue you’ve been eyeing, get fancy tables and chairs and tablecloth linens from that matches the theme of the event, floral decorations, etc. you name it, they got it.

Reduces Stress


When you have someone experienced enough who can do some job instead of you, you can be sure that you can relax at some point. Organizing anything is a pretty stressful job since you need to focus on so many different things. By having someone else who will organize some events, you can be sure that would be some free space for you to relax a little bit. The person who was chosen for this job will have to face all the problems that come with a job like this. But all the mistakes that could be made can be avoided, that’s without a doubt.

An Outsider’s View

Sometimes when we’re too close to a project, we can lose sight of what it’s becoming.  An event planner can look at what you have planned, and pull it together into a cohesive party.  They know how to make everything look purposeful and fit in, which saves you the embarrassment of anyone thinking you had terrible taste. 

They can also let you know, by not being emotionally drawn to the project, whether you’re shooting too high or are over budget.  Sometimes a stern voice and an explanation can stop people from making big financial mistakes.

You Have Enough To Focus On


If you’re hosting an event, there’s already enough going on that needs your attention.  If it’s your wedding, you should be thinking about your vows and the ceremony, instead of having to worry about what shade of lilac the table runners will be.  

Event planners give you the chance to hand off the troubles and let you give your all to hosting and having fun.

You Can Actually Enjoy Yourself


Handling your work to someone else will make sure that you will have the time to actually enjoy the event you are responsible for. It goes without saying that you will need to supervise, but it’s a whole another thing not to be responsible for the event and its organization. So, instead of choosing what kind of features and appliances you will have in the room, you can actually meet the guests and have some fun in the process. So, hiring an event planner is an absolute must.


Small or big changes can always happen during the organizational process. It can happen that some of the people are interested in joining your party after you have done all the work. Therefore, you will need more supplies and room. Believe us, we know that this can significantly be annoying if you have done everything by yourself already. So, having someone to do this instead of you is a really great thing. Since there is a lot of experience in that person, it will be easier for him to be more flexible.

Can Guarantee The Party Will Be A Success


Like I’ve said before, they’ve done these dozens- or even hundreds- of times.  Event planners know what works and what won’t, they’ll make sure you have a great event.  You won’t have to fret over whether or not your guests will enjoy the event because it’s getting professionally done.

The event itself is already a lot of work, hire a planner to help make sure that it’s everything you want and more- while saving you some money along the way. Be sure to check all the tips we’ve given you above.