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Have you ever watched a movie and saw the star coming down a huge staircase? The whole scene looks breathtaking and the place looks luxurious. Do you know what makes the stairs look that beautiful? It’s balustrades!

The columns have been used since ancient times and they are now becoming a part of many homes and houses. And here we are going to talk about them and how people can use them.

Just be careful, after reading this article, you will definitely want to renovate your home and add these magnificent columns in your home.

What are Balustrades?

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You’ve probably seen them too many times before, but you didn’t know the correct term used. They are rows of small columns that are placed below a railing. Commonly they are used for balconies and staircases.

The balustrades played a huge role in the history of architecture and they are best known from the Italian Renaissance period.

Traditionally they were made from stone, but now, stone columns are not usually used in private homes. Today you can find many different types and they are usually made from laser-cut metals, stainless steel or glass. The variety of materials gives the home or business owners a lot of design freedom and they make the place look better and luxurious.

Why do we use them?

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These columns are used everywhere around the world. If you pay a bit more attention you will realize that you can see them everywhere.

They are a part of the staircase in your favorite mall, they are used in schools, in government buildings, and in private homes.

They are a safety and a design feature that offers additional support for the railings and the handrails. Lately, people are becoming more and more interested in the structural columns because you have complete creational freedom.

No matter what type of home you have, you can find a type of balustrades that will work for you. They are also part of many balconies, walkways, bridges, floor edges, and even atriums. Even though their main function is security, they are also used for aesthetics and adding value to the home.


At the moment you can find a lot of different types of staircase rails on the market. Choosing the best one for your property may sound like a challenging task, but in reality, you just need to focus on what your house needs. Check out the types available and make your decision based on that.

Laser Cut

They allow you the most creative freedom. You can choose any type of pattern, so no matter what you’ve imagined, you can get it.

There are a lot of different patterns, starting from traditional ones, up to new and unique that you haven’t seen anywhere before.

Stainless Steel

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Probably the most popular type of balustrades. People choose them before they offer a sense of luxury. The great thing about them is that they are really durable, they won’t wear in time and they are really easy to maintain. The stainless-steel columns can be processed and Parkway Fabrications suggests that they can be changed to get the design you are looking for.

These staircase rails don’t require a lot of cleaning, so you won’t spend hours dusting them or trying to get them to look spotless.


If you have a house that does not have a lot of natural light, or if you want to let more natural light flow through the property, then this type is the one for you.

They give the illusion of more space, so your house will not feel crowded or too cramped up. The natural light will be able to flow throughout the whole property and the other rooms. They are easy to clean and they have a really long lifespan.

Even though glass balustrades are not as popular as the stainless-steel ones, they may be even a better option for some homeowners.

Frameless Glass

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These balustrades are really similar to the glass ones. The difference is, as the name suggests, they don’t require any frame. With them you have more creative freedom and your place will look modern and unique.

They are not as thick as the glass ones and there are many places that can change them and make them look just the way you want.


There are a lot of benefits when you add these rails to your stairs. Let’s talk about the most common ones that should help you make a decision if you want them to be added to your home


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The most important benefit is that they will prevent you and the people you love from falling off the stairs. We know that security is the most important thing, and especially if you have small children in your home, you need balustrades in your home.

It is a known fact that many of the accidents happen in the place that is supposed to keep us from harm, so we should do everything we can to prevent that. They are not only beautiful, but they also minimize the possibility of anyone falling off the stairs.


Have you ever walked into a big house with a huge staircase that looked just beautiful? If you remember the scene of Titanic where Rose is coming down the stairs, don’t they look magnificent? Well, that’s because of the balustrades.

No matter the material you choose, they will add a sophisticated touch of style, flair, and elegance to your staircase. If you think that the steps you’ve chosen don’t really look that aesthetic, check if you are missing something. Chances are, you need to install these rails.

Did you know that balustrades can actually increase the value of your home? There is some research that proved that businesses that have stair rails installed are more likely to be successful. Buyers spend more money on a house that has balustrades and clients are more likely to invest in a business that looks appealing.

They add strength

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Many homeowners complain that their stairs are rattling and squeaky and they don’t know how to fix them without spending too much money. The answer is easy, you need to get some balustrades installed.

They are a quick fix that is also safe and cost-effective. So, before spending too much money on renovations and a completely new staircase, try with these rails that will add strength to your stairs.

Building codes

If you are building a new home or you want to sell your current one, then you know how important it is to have everything done correctly. Did you know that one of the things inspectors check is the credibility of the stairs? So, if you want to have all the codes and regulations and if you want to be able to pass any inspection, then you should think about investing in the balustrades.

The balustrades can be used everywhere and they not only make the place look better, but they also keep the whole family safe. Just pick the material and design you like the most and transform your place in a new luxury house that you can admire every time you walk in the front door.