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When was your last check-up with the doctor? Months ago? A year? If is any longer than 3 months ago then it is time that you made another appointment with your doctor in order to get checked over, this is the advice of the Lisa M Cannon M.D. who believes that it is essential to people’s lives that they ensure that they regularly go to the doctor for checkups. 

There is a certain pride which we feel when we haven’t had to go to the doctor for a long time, and I can remember even in my own family the fact that my grandmother hadn’t needed to go to see a doctor for almost 32 years, such was her strong resolve and her apparent good health.

This, however, isn’t something which we should be celebrating, and in the modern world, we know much more than we did back in the day, including the importance of people getting regular check-ups. This goes for both men and women, regardless of your current bill of health. If you haven’t been to see a doctor for some time, then here is exactly why you should get yourself an appointment and be sure that you are attending the doctor with a little bit more regularity. 


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Back in my grandmother’s day, the local doctor was someone who everyone knew well, and who knew everyone in their locality well. This has changed a great deal over time, in the main becasue the idea of the local community is vastly different from how things used to be, but we’ll get into the destruction of the community at another time. This is something that has also changed because of the way that the healthcare system works, with many doctors moving between bases.

Most physician surgeries these days have multiple doctors working there, and your going more frequently will ensure that you can get some of that familiarity which we used to have. This is not just about being able to chat about the family when you are at your appointment, it is also about you trusting the doctors and them knowing your body. This can help them to quickly identify changes that may be important for your health.

Early Diagnosis

From the moment that you get a disease such as cancer to the moment that it is diagnosed, you are losing days, weeks and months of life, or at least of active life. Now, this is not to say that you have such a disease but regular visits to your doctor will ensure that they are going to be right on top of any problems which you are complaining about, and this could very well help them give an early diagnosis. To continue with the cancer example, in the case of some cancers, if they are caught early they can be cured, if they are caught later then they cannot. The same rules apply for diabetes and Parkinson’s amongst others, which is yet another reason for regular checkups. 

Cost Saving

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Something which many fail to recognize is the cost-saving which you can count on if you get regular checkups with the doctor. This comes because an early diagnosis or the early treatment of an ailment is likely to involve far fewer treatments and far fewer appointments than if you wait until the problem gets bigger. This is a huge factor for many people who perhaps don’t have the greatest insurance in the world, and these regular appointments could very well offer a cost-saving in the long run. 

Healthier Lifestyle

 For many people sitting the doctor’s surgery and talking about their lifestyle does make them rethink some of the things that they have been doing in terms of diet and general health. What often happens then is an upturn in looking after oneself, before slowly slipping back to old ways. With regular health checks however you will have the idea of your health in the upper part of your mind for a great length and that will manifest itself in a way that sees you taking much better care of your general wellbeing. 

Small Tweaks

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Many health issues and complaints are actually secondary or tertiary conditions which have spawned as a result of our inaction abut other health problems. When you go to the doctor with the regularity you can help in fixing these issues in the first instance, before they become something bigger. For example, top much cholesterol can lead to things like gallstones, or even heart disease, monitoring your cholesterol regularly a doctor can take action before either of these problems are born. 

Don’t wait until you are sick, take preventative measures and get regular checkups with your doctor.