With a brand new year just around the corner, it’s time to think ahead to what fashion is going to look like in 2024. We round up the styles and trends below that are imminently incoming and how you can make them work for you.

Colors Of The Coming Year


The catwalk has already provided us with vital clues as to what the on-trend colors will be next year: expect to see clothes, shoes, and accessories in orchid pinks, yellow-oranges, mellow blues, natural-looking greens, and smooth creams. These fresh, uplifting shades reflect the optimism and hope for the new year that many of us tentatively feel. The representation of the natural world in these key colors also suggests the growing concern to work in harmony with our environment and to truly appreciate the world around us.

Spectacular Shades


Sunglasses never go out of fashion, and next year will be no different. Aviator shades will be big, as will the half-rim glasses that are already making frequent appearances on the red carpet, on the faces of Hollywood royalty.

Aviators are a great choice, as they simply never go out of fashion, and so a quality pair will work hard for you for years and years. They also look fantastic dressed up or down, and prescription or polarized lenses can usually be incorporated.

Wraparound-style sports glasses are likely to be big both on and off the circuit or velodrome, with contemporary styles making these specialized specs a fashionable as well as a practical choice. Have a look here to see the wide range of designs available that feature, for example, titanium frames for extra strength, scratch-proof lenses, superior UV protection, flexible arms, and rubberized padding for enhanced comfort.

Tinted sunglasses have already begun to be seen more frequently in the world of high-fashion, with yellow, orange, and pink tints particularly in evidence – reflecting the colors that are guaranteed to be on-trend next year. Yellow and orange-tinted lenses can help in low light environments, so can be particularly handy while driving, and rose tints may help prevent or ease migraines.

Twelve Months Of Mini Skirts


Hems have gone up and down since time immemorial, and 2024 will see them going high again, with preppy or punky mini skirts set to take over the fashion world. Leather minis worn with wool knits and cutting edge contemporary metallic skirts paired with luxury cashmere or silk will be key looks in the new year, teamed with chunky boots, blocky heels, and, in the cooler months, vibrantly patterned tights.

The mini skirt takeover will last throughout the Summer, too, with crisp white linen minis being paired with casual, loose shirts and tartan numbers matched with fitted T-shirts.

Stylish Stripes


Stripes are going to be everywhere you look once Spring rolls around; think wide vertical bars in black and white, worn with green knits, tailored jackets, or floaty vests in shocking pink. Expect to see stripes prevailing in the world of interior design, too, especially in bedroom design, with bold stripes being incorporated into walls, soft furnishing, accessories, and even flooring.

Jewelry Box Of Delights


One of the key accessory trends of 2024 will be signet rings, with vintage sites experiencing a sharp rise in demand for this type of jewelry in the closing months of this year. When it comes to choosing a ring, the chunkier, the better. Following this trend for super-sized pieces of jewelry, rings with wide bands set with stones will also be extremely popular. Bold designs with hefty gemstones are being sought after sapphires set in large bands, diamond-encrusted eighteen-carat gold rings, and cocktail rings will all be popular choices as the year turns.

The year’s penchant for huge stones will also be seen in pendant necklaces, brooches, and bracelets, with an emphasis on creating strong, statement looks.

Charm bracelets will be big, too, both in contemporary and vintage designs – in terms of the latter, charms from the 1970s (or that imitate the aesthetic of that decade) will see a sharp rise in popularity in 2024.

Fashionable Footwear


Put your best foot forward in 2024 by treating yourself to a pair of the most on-trend shoes of the new season. The big hitters will be retro-look Mary-Janes in patent leather, in varying heights of heel, making these easy to wear for either a day at the office or a night on the town.

Ballet flats are also all set to make a comeback in a new, luxe incarnation that features, for example, satin or leather uppers and silk ribbons, while square-toed options offer an edgier look.

Sportswear-inspired shoes have been making their presence felt on the catwalk, too, with chunky-soled sandals prevalent that feature design nods to athletic styling. Cut-out panels, velcro straps, and neoprene fabrics are all much in evidence.

Chic Coats


If you want to start 2024 with a fashion bullseye, then a coat is a great place to start – and these items of clothing are worth seriously investing in, as they are one of the hardest working parts of your wardrobe and have multiple functions to perform.

Long coats are the way ahead and will keep you cozy-warm as well as on-trend. Choose belted styles for a chic silhouette in pastel shades or faux fur; leopard-print is about to get hot again, too. Peacoats will be in fashion once more, and their sharp tailoring and easy elegance make them a great choice when you need a coat that will take you from office to party effortlessly.

The coming year will also see the rise of the oversized midi coat, and especially those in 2024’s key shades of green, pink, delicate blue, and cream. This style is perfect for amping up a simple denim and shirt look or for adding a colorful pop to a monochrome outfit.

Sartorial Sustainability


And, finally, what will no doubt be the biggest star on 2024’s sartorial stage is sustainable fashion. Expect to see recycled elements being incorporated into clothing as standard and items being sourced increasingly from local suppliers.

Natural fibers will be the material of choice, and the factories and workshops producing the garments will come under increasing pressure to develop or boost their eco-credentials. There is likely to be a push for buyers to opt for a capsule wardrobe of hardworking, durable clothing rather than opting for ‘fast’ fashion that is worn for a season and then discarded. Brands and labels that reinvest profit into environmental initiatives may come to dominate the market, while the rise of clothing rental companies may very well be the thing that everyone is talking about next year.