The Indian-origin card game Teen Patti is a crowd favorite and can help break the monotony of everyday life. This card game’s popularity is unbeatable, especially during parties and festivals like Diwali, Holi, and family get-togethers. With the Teen Patti game going digital, card players didn’t even bat an eyelid to turn to the popular digital platforms to stay entertained and win big rewards.

Since most games draw flak from people because there’s an element of luck involved, be assured the Teen Patti game cannot be won on luck alone. It would be best to have the necessary skills and clever tricks to outsmart your opponents.

Do you want to improve your odds while playing this card game? Let’s check out the proven strategies to make you an ace player.

Start small to win big rewards

When playing Teen Patti, give yourself a long run to maximize your winnings. Initially, bet small and gradually increase your bets. This will help you to stretch your bankroll and continue playing more hands. You will improve your chances of winning by playing more hands. This trick works best for starters and pro players, preventing them from finishing their bankroll within a few hands. You can raise your bets once you get a handle on the proceedings.

Play as many blind bets as you can


The spice of this card game is playing blind. This is a bet that players place without seeing their cards. Hence, playing blind. You can play as many blind bets as your discretion and bankroll allow. By doing so, you are raising the stakes for your fellow players. When stakes are high, players usually let emotions override their decisions. This makes it easier for you to read them. The ones with a weak hand will fold, and the table will be open for card players with a decent hand. Hence, it is safer and more convenient for you to place further bets and remain in the game. The blind bet will not hurt your bankroll if the table limits are low or the other players place small bets.

Remember, there’s nothing as bad cards

In Teen Patti, there’s nothing as bad cards. It is an intriguing card game where players must guess the cards of their competitors or opponents. Often, players behave recklessly by increasing bets or folding their cards when the situation isn’t going in their favor. During the game, you will likely come across players who have folded even though they have a better hand than you. You can encash this opportunity to win a hand despite having low or inferior cards.

Be unpredictable

Your chances will be affected in the Teen Patti game if you are predictable. If your fellow players are experienced in this card game, they can figure out the patterns in how you play quickly. For instance, you might have the habit of giving up when you have a bad hand. Also, you may be quick to raise stakes when you have a strong hand. As proceedings unfold, the competitors can figure out your gameplay. Hence, the rule to play successfully is being unpredictable. You must be ready to surprise your competitors with your decisions.

Don’t let emotions get the best of you

Emotions and Teen Patti don’t make great companions. This results in players making decisions that they regret later. Suppose you are incessantly betting even if you have weak cards because you want to stay in the game or fold too early because you are afraid to lose. These are decisions made emotionally, and you may regret them. It is better to keep your emotions in check while playing Teen Patti. It would be best if you let rationality take over. If it is difficult to keep emotions at bay, you must rejoin the game when your mind is sorted.

Use sideshows to your advantage


The sideshows are there in the card game for a reason. It is a bet that allows players to ask the competitors who have made the last bet to show their cards. But if you are playing blind, you won’t be asked for a sideshow. You must stay in hand if your cards are superior to theirs, and the same applies to the competitors. You can boost your winnings by capitalizing on the sideshow bet. The trick is helpful when you are confident that you have better cards than the opponent asking for a sideshow.

Continue observing even if you fold

Even if you have forfeited because your hand is weak, you must not divert your attention to other things. This is natural because players feel they have nothing to keep them interested. But this isn’t a foolproof strategy. It would be best if you stayed observant even after you have folded. This will allow you to gain awareness about different styles of play. You can apply those when you play the next match.

Learn bankroll management

You must learn bankroll management to improve your chances of playing Teen Patti. If you have a larger bankroll, it will absorb your losses, and you can stay longer in the game. And the longer you play, the better chances you will have of winning big and might even be able to salvage your losses. Generally, the betting bankroll must be about twenty percent of the total winnings. You must not use the money required to support your lifestyle or family to play the Teen Patti game. You must set a budget for yourself and ensure you don’t go overboard. This will ensure you don’t face a financial crunch.

Practice the game


The Teen Patti card game is not a cakewalk. You require skills to outplay and outsmart competitors with confidence and ingenuity. These traits will not come overnight. You must hone these skills with practice. So, before participating in tournaments, remember to play many practice games.

The bottom line

These are some strategies to remember when you are playing Teen Patti. The card game is about skills, and the tricks mentioned above will help you to outsmart opponents.