What is the most exciting moment in online gambling? Of course, it is the withdrawal of your winnings. However, this is also one of the most disappointing moments with online casinos. Simply because players receive rejected or delayed withdrawals, many of them blame gambling sites for “stealing” their winnings.

It can be true in case you are playing on a scammy website. But if you are confident in your casino operator, and you have a withdrawal issue, the problem is almost certainly in you. To be more exact, in your actions.

Very often, beginner players fail to comply with the general rules of the casino. Maybe they don’t read the T&Cs carefully, or they don’t read them at all even though they put a tick on the “I agree with the terms” box. Whatever they did wrong, the withdrawal problem remains unsolved.

And if you are playing at the best Canadian online casinos that you can find by following this site, you should act as a player in the line of your rights. On the other hand, sometimes online casinos don’t write their rules clearly for the reader’s eye, which leads to misunderstandings between the two sides. All in all, it is much better to avoid troublesome consequences by using the three life hacks that we share with you below.

Why Withdrawals are So Problematic


It isn’t so much problematic as complex. The thing is that the cash-out process involves many other internal procedures and confirmations. Before withdrawal is sent, a casino ensures that all the previous operations are successful. These include player’s account verification, compliance with the rules, whether there was a bonus abuse, and so on.

To make a successful payout, a player should ensure other things are going well, meaning he’s chosen the right deposit option, followed the bonus rules, and even fit into the withdrawal limits.

If you don’t know where to get this information, simply check it out with your gaming website, its terms and conditions, or with the customer support team.

3 Things to Do Before Cashing Out

Surely, you want your withdrawal to go smoothly and quickly. For this, all you need to do is to follow our pieces of advice. Use these life hacks and your gaming experience will be more fun than complicated.

1. Care about withdrawal at the beginning


Any real money gambling experience begins with funding the casino account. But don’t hurry to make a deposit via your bank card or any other payment option. First, think about how the withdrawal process will take place.

According to the terms of most gambling platforms, withdrawals are credited back to the bank account that was used for deposits. In other words, if you deposited with your Visa debit card, your winnings will be transferred to that card, too. It isn’t bad unless you don’t want to use the bank card for withdrawals. If you want to receive winnings on your e-wallet, for example, it will be tough to change your payment option from a bank card to an e-wallet.

On the other hand, some casinos don’t accept deposits made via e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Or they may accept them but not if you want the welcome bonus. So, pay attention to what they say in the bonus terms; precisely, what payment methods qualify for the bonus.

There’s another thing to keep in mind. Many online casinos don’t mention it on the home page, but they have it written in the terms and conditions. It states that a player must wager its deposit twice in order to request a withdrawal without any fees. If you don’t meet this requirement, a casino may attach a fee for the withdrawal transaction.

2. Avoid bonuses if you can or use them wisely


If you don’t know yet how to assess bonuses, and it is your first time claiming one, it’s better to avoid the bonus at all. The thing is that bonuses are made to attract players, not to make them richer. Besides, beginners can easily get confused with the bonus terms. At the end of the day, it will cause more losses than winnings.

On the other hand, if you know how to use bonuses right with an advantage to yourself, use them. Don’t forget to comply with all the rules stated in the bonus terms, including the wagering requirement, qualifying games, maximum betting limit, and so on. Before taking the bonus, you need to assess whether it is profitable for you.

If you don’t comply with the bonus rules, you can already forget about any winnings associated with the bonus. They will be gone just like 1, 2, 3.

For example, if you fail to complete the wagering requirements before requesting your money, the gaming operator will not pay at all. And if the wagering requirements are too high, the bonus just makes no sense because they don’t allow you to win enough money to complete them.

Or if you use the bonus money on games, but your bets are higher than the max bet limit, the casino will simply confiscate your winnings as it is against the rules.

All these little mistakes can cause bad experiences. So, you’d better avoid bonuses at all or use them wisely complying with all the terms.

3. Confirm your identity


The best Canadian casinos operate legally. Since they are regulated by special authorities, they are entitled to hold the KYC process. This procedure helps operators to protect themselves from money laundering and other illegal activities on the website. The KYC process requires casinos to collect information about their customers before any funds are sent to their bank accounts. This is why players have to send their documents for verification before the withdrawal.

Normally, verification takes a couple of days. Though, for casino players who want to get their money quickly, it is a long time. So, we recommend verifying your casino account as soon as you register on the site. It will reduce the time frame between your verification and withdrawal.

In Conclusion

Of course, the things that we recommend you to do before withdrawing your winnings take time. You need more time to search for the best payment option, understand the bonus rules, and verify your account. But if you want to cash out without problems, it’s better to follow our pieces of advice.