Many people are hesitant before buying their first property and are not sure if a better solution is an apartment or a house. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, it is also a matter of taste and needs. In any case, by buying an apartment you could “rest” because you will not mow the grass and arrange the yard, but you will also not have the opportunity to enjoy the greenery on warm spring and summer days.

You certainly shouldn’t suppress your emotions and desires, but you need to consider other arguments as well, such as the budget you have and the real-time you can set aside to maintain the property.

Still, you will admit that the house offers more comfort. There’s no nicer feeling than when on a summer morning you run barefoot with the kids on the grass of your own backyard and enjoy the simplicity of that moment. If you can’t imagine life differently, then definitely choose a house for your living. You will have all the possible freedom, and you will also pay significantly less per square meter of space than you would pay for the same square footage of the apartment.

However, when it comes to maintenance, we give a slight preference to the apartment. You’ve probably already heard of the saying that he knocked on a “bottomless pit”. In other words, investments and repairs never end. Because while you live in the apartment, all tenants pay a housing tax from which major repairs such as roof replacement or thermal facade are charged from that fund. On the other hand, all such and similar repairs in the house you will need to settle yourself.

From time to time it will happen that some repairs are needed in your home, which is quite expected. Read below for the most common fixes.

1. Roof


The roof is something that will last you for years, but you need to check it from time to time, especially if you were hit by a storm the day before, because there is a possibility that the tile has moved, which can cause leakage and moisture in the attic, and gradually the rest of the house. In addition, algae and mold form on the roof over time, especially if the house is in the shade of a large tree. In that case, in the fall you can expect the gutters to clog, so it is necessary to inspect them.

To avoid icing and damage, regular cleaning of drains, gutters and all plumbing systems is advised. If you follow these tips, you will most likely avoid the costs that a new day brings, but you should be prepared for everything.

2. Windows


If you notice that your house is colder than usual, check the windows. If you feel a slight breeze even when they are closed, try to insulate it, or stick self-adhesive tape for this purpose.

3. Pipes


This is one of the most common breakdowns that occur whether you live in an apartment or a house. Pipes can often clog, and there are many reasons for this. Moreover, very often we ourselves cause this problem by throwing leftover food and fat into the sink. In this case, the water will start to return through the pipes, which indicates a blockage. Even if this happens to you, don’t worry, the plumber will easily solve this problem by installing a control valve. A control valve, like any device for the water supply system, is installed to protect the network from any changes in flow parameters. Simply put, water is supplied continuously, without stopping and interrupting, in the right volume. You can find more about it if you visit

4. Moisture in the corners


Moisture can also occur due to poor heating and poor ventilation, especially in buildings with new carpentry or due to condensation of moisture in insufficiently heated walls or old buildings. The reasons for the appearance of moisture are numerous, it is possible that the roofs are dilapidated, that the gutters are damaged, that there are some cracks in the walls, that the walls may not be sufficiently dried after construction, that water penetrates from somewhere due to a broken pipe or possible flooding. Sometimes it’s hard to notice because she usually “hides” behind the closet. Still, the smell is something that betrays it. If the house is well built, the most common culprits are cooking, bathing or showering, and drying laundry indoors.

5. The power often goes out


You may have noticed that the power goes out every time you turn on several appliances in the house at the same time. The reason for this is the current overload. However, if this happens even when you are not doing so, it is time to call an electrician to check if there is any malfunction.

6. Clogged chimney


We are back to the arrival of autumn and colder weather, which will make us start the heating season soon. If you have a fireplace in the house and enjoy drinking wine with the crackling of a fire, it is the right time to prepare for the season by making sure the chimney is clean and ready to use.

Final thoughts

As we can see, there is always something to do when you have a hose, but maintenance is inevitable if you want everything to function as it should. Even if you visit the apartment, there will always be unpredictable situations.

What you can do to feel safer in your home is to invest in home insurance. Today, you can find shelves that are affordable and offer a wide range of damages, which are affordable. For just one coffee a week, you can ensure your home against pipe bursts, burglary, fires, sudden storms … Although it seems to you that there may be no need for that, isn’t the premium negligible in relation to the costs of repairing possible damage?