The life of many famous actors and actresses looks so perfect on the camera. However, no one says that their life was perfect and easy before they became famous. In order to reach their goals and achieve success, some of them did surprising things. Fans are always interested in finding out the background of their favorite individuals and role models. One thing is sure – the fame in Hollywood does not happen overnight, so if you want to succeed there, you need to prepare yourself for the thorny path.

The early years of many movie stars were filled with worries about how to make their way in the big industry. For that reason, they did some jobs in the past they often do not want to talk about. One of the most interesting things is that many popular Hollywood stars we adore today were actually once adult movie stars.

In this article, we will relieve some unique stories. In that way, you will see that in the end, they are also just humans who tried to achieve their goals and somehow manage difficult life obstacles.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is a very popular Hollywood star that everybody loves for years. However, behind that angel’s face, there is actually a hidden story. She actually started her carrier as an actress in erotic adult films. Once she started to get roles in some other movies, she tried to stop those videos from circulating on the Internet. Unfortunately, the video holders demanded $3.5 million from her to remove that footage. Now, there is not a single proof of her past because she bought the rights to it.

Kim Kardashian


The story of Kim Kardashian is very interesting. When she worked as a Paris Hilton’s assistant, she dated a singer Ray J. In that period, they made a sex tape for themselves and their enjoyment. However, sex tape somehow got viral. Interestingly, this sex tape actually made Kim very famous even though she was very embarrassed at first because this video leaked without her consent. She wanted to sue, but instead, she moved on and settled for $5 million for that tape. As a result, her career reached a new level, and she even got a big profit out of that situation.

Sylvester Stallone


One more interesting story that will surprise you is definitely the past of the famous Sylvester Stallone that we all know as Rambo or Rocky. He also started his acting career in the pornography industry with some soft-core movies. Many people are not familiar with the fact that Stallone had a very hard life. More precisely, he was a homeless person who slept in a bus terminal in New York. He even sold his dog in order to survive. All of that forced him to make a choice and start acting in adult movies. He saw a casting for the porn movie called The Party at Kitty Stud’s in the 1970s and talked to the producers.

Luckily, they chose him to play the male lead role in the porn movie and paid him for that role $200. In that period, the producers did not release the film and the reason for this action is not known. However, after five years, Sylvester Stallone became very popular for his Rocky role and reached a big success. When producers of porn movies saw that, they released the movie and renamed the movie Italian Stallion. Logically, they got a big profit out of this movie.

Jackie Chan


The actress we all adore for his iconic Kung Fu comedy movies Jackie Chan is also on our list of the stars who made adult movies. Through hard times in his career, he decided to involve himself in the porn industry in order to find himself and overcome that period. Jackie Chan started in the ’70s in a comedy porn movie called All in the Family. Even though it sounds very strange, this was actually a very popular movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Before he became a famous Hollywood actor as well as an Austrian winner of Mr. Olympia in 1970, Arnold posed nude for some pornographic gay magazine. Arnold is very popular for his bodybuilding, so it is not strange that the company asked him for pictures. Interestingly, he was not ashamed of that, he claimed that those poses do not make him gay. He just found a way to earn money before he managed as a Hollywood star.

Marilyn Monroe


Let’s go back to the past and remember the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. The world will be surprised to hear the fact that she did some nude photos for a magazine. The reason for this is unknown, however, we are all familiar with the fact that she could surprise with her actions.

Matt Le Blanc


One more shocking story about the actress who becomes a popular Hollywood star after filming adult movies is well-known Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Matt Le Blanc earned surprisingly $1 million per episode in that famous TV show. However, before he became famous he started acting in The Red Shoe Diaries. More precisely, this was a soft-core adult pornography movie in the ’90s.

David Dunchovny


We believe that millions of people around the world know who David is and how many successes he managed to achieve in the past. This especially counts in the period when he appeared in the TV series known as The X-Files. Between 1993 and 2002, he was probably one of the most popular actors in the world.

However, did he appear in some other movies before the X-Files? Yes, and we are talking here about adult movies. He was working as a narrator of Red Shoe Diaries. As previously mentioned, this was some sort of erotic drama where David Duchovny was also directing some of the episodes. Yet, it is good to mention that he also participated in some graphic sex scenes during the show. It seems that doing that helped him reach Hollywood and become one of the most famous actors of all time.

Final Thought

The adult movies of celebrities are available on different platforms and por sites. If you are not sure where exactly you should look for them, checking out after reading this article may be good. You will see the list of most popular porn websites where you can potentially find some of the movie stars we mentioned in this article.