Royal Flush is a term that even those who are far from poker know. There are lots of movies about casinos and gambling, but many people have no idea what is special about Royal Flush, how it is made, and what it gives to a player.

In this article, we will get to know what Royal Flush is, how strong the combination is, and what top online casinos, like ClashOfSlots, offer you. Instead of testing different gambling halls and checking the power of the combination yourself, read this post and get all the answers to the questions you have.

What Is Royal Flush?


Royal Flush is a five-card hand of the same suit that starts with a ten and ends with an ace. Poker theory says that such a set is not “independent.” But in fact, it is important to separate Royal Flush from other combinations. This hand is considered to be the strongest of all possible combos. Royal Flush in poker is also called “Royal suite” or “Broadway.” There are four varieties of this combination, which differ only in the suit.

Royal Flush is a special case of combining a straight flush in the highest position. Simply put, Flush Royal is the tallest and most valuable Straight Flush. That is, Royal Flush is a kind of symbiosis of a straight and a flush. But it can only be made of suited cards from ten to ace.

Royal Flush Game: How to Get and What Are the Chances of Making a Combination

Royal Flush in poker can be collected in several ways:

  • On general cards — the presented option of forming a combination is very rare. In this situation, a set of cards is received directly on the board, respectively, the combination belongs to other participants in the deal. In this situation, the pot is equally divided between all the poker players who remained in the game before the showdown;
  • With one pocket card — this option provides for the use of an additional four pieces from the game;
  • With two cards in hand — the most advantageous combination for a poker player because only three pieces are taken from the board. Competitors will respond to high raises from the player because they think one is bluffing or just having a draw. As a result, you can pick up a large bank.

The Royal Flush is also common, but it is important to clarify that such a combination occurs only when playing hands in Texas Hold’em. According to the rules of this game, it is allowed to create poker combinations using all the cards from the gaming table.

The Odds of Hitting a Hand in Various Poker Disciplines

Many poker players, especially beginners, want to know what the chance of getting Royal Flush is. Some people guess that the likelihood of collecting such a combination is rather low. Even experienced poker players do not always collect the “Royal suit” in their careers. Here is a list of poker disciplines and the chance of Royal Flush.

Texas Hold’em

  • After the first two cards are dealt, the chances of collecting Royal Flush do not exceed 0.0008%;
  • If the flop is in poker, then one component of the deck is not enough to complete the set. In this case, the probability increases to 2% on the turn, and at the final round of betting increases up to 4%;
  • If one card is missing on the turn for a full Broadway, then the chance of getting it on the river is 2%.


  • Two pocket cards are suitable for forming a combination, and it will be possible to collect a ready combination on the flop with a percentage of 0.001%. If four starting cards are received on the deal, opening up the possibility for the formation of a “royal” combination (for example, Q-K hearts and clubs), the chance to hit the board on the flop and create a ready-made deal is 0.002%;
  • On the second street, one piece is missing to form a full-fledged deal, the probability of improving on the turn is 2%, and on the river is 4.5%;
  • On the turn, a draw has a 2% chance of getting a missing piece on the last street.

Draw Poker

Royal Flush is easier to collect in Omaha poker since there will be two fewer unknown cards in the deck:

  • When exchanging five cards, the chances of collecting a ready-made combination are 0.0015%;
  • By leaving two suited units and exchanging the rest, the player gets a chance to collect a full;
  • If there are three suited cards and the other two are exchanged, the probability of completing the hand is 0.05%;
  • Leaving four suited units and exchanging one, the player gets a 2% chance of completing the combination.

Thus, the likelihood of collecting “King’s Suit” will depend on the type of poker discipline, as well as on the stage of the game. But in any case, the probability of getting a combination is minimal. This is why many poker players usually try to make a less strong hand because it also has a chance to win the game.

How to Play Royal Flush Correctly: Play Strategies


Having found among the cards the most powerful of all possible hands, the player should not get lost from an unexpected alignment and not make irreparable mistakes. The faster the player discovers a winning combination, the more chances he has to provoke other participants.

The basic strategy of poker is to prevent opponents from realizing that a player has such a strong hand and to remain confident in their cards. Decreasing the rate will also arouse suspicion among opponents. In addition, you run the risk of getting calls for small bets. Another important point is to make the maximum pot growth. You should be careful in your actions to exclude the possibility of passes from competitors.

The presence of the strongest combination is considered a guarantor of victory, but you need to play it correctly, adhering to the following rules:

  • Prevent other participants from understanding how strong the card was obtained by the player;
  • Maximize the size of the bank;
  • Do not show an aggressive style of play so as not to frighten off opponents;
  • Try to minimize passes from opponents.

What Does It All Mean?


The main goal of the one who will have Royal Flush in his hands is to bring the gameplay to the showdown to demonstrate to the opponents all the possibilities at the final stage of the distribution. Having made “Royal suit,” you can be sure of victory. But it is important to stay calm in this situation. This is the only way to be sure about the absence of suspicion among poker players and hope that they are ready to increase their rates.