Slot machines are a top favorite of casino players and have thus attracted a multitude of myths that this article will be discussing. Some of the myths are more like conspiracy theories, yet some can affect the gaming experience in a negative way.

To help get a clear understanding of how the slot machines at casinos work, we are going to delve deep into the intricate working of the machines. Is there really a specific time of the month or day that winning at the slots is guaranteed? Let’s get right into the discussion and separate facts from fiction.

Is there a good time to play slots?


There is a popular misconception amongst players that there exists a good time of the month that the slots machine is likely to offer huge payouts. However contrary to popular belief, slot machines have really undergone tremendous evolution over the years.

Thus, there are no special conditions available that would guarantee you a huge win at any given time. You only get to win at the slot machine by sheer luck.

For every spin the probability of winning usually remains consistent. This means that you might get to make two significant wins in a row and fail to win in another gaming session.

For this reason, it is thus important to understand that in games of chance it is wrong to make assumptions based on a past event.

There are times when you might experience huge wins consecutively yet there are also instances when you may lose and end up winning nothing at all.

While you may at times be able to make spins that are rewarding, it doesn’t mean that the game is all warmed up or that the time is perfect. Occurrences such as these are usually purely just products of chance and not anything to do with perfect timing or configuration of the machine!

To enhance your chances of winning at the slots machines you could take advantage of no deposit free spins bonuses. These are incentives that casinos occasionally offer to their customers that you can take advantage of.

Any day or time that you are more likely to win?


This is yet another misconception mostly linked to the physical casinos (brick-and-mortar). The myth usually revolves around a belief that there are certain times of the day win wins at the slots is guaranteed.

There are players who believe that wins are guaranteed during the morning hours. Other players believe that winning is one hundred percent certain in the afternoon. However, the truth of the matter is that these beliefs are unfounded nor are they substantiated with any evidence.

It is important to note that in any case the casinos had the power to manipulate the winnings by players then they wouldn’t be considered games of chance anymore. This alone would render them obsolete, and no sane authority would allow them to operate.

Any lucky player may experience a win perhaps in the noon or in the morning but that doesn’t make those times the perfect to play to win. The slots or any casino games for that matter are usually games of chance.

The slot machine hasn’t paid out for a long time

This is yet another misleading belief that players usually think gives them a chance to win big. It is a notion that when a slot machine hasn’t paid in a long time then there is a possibility of a huge pay out. The truth however is that slot machines continue to operate in a random manner regardless of any wins or losses that have occurred in the past.

Immediately after hitting a big payout move to the next slot machine


Many players believe that once a slot machine has given out a big payout then it is unlikely to get another chance to win again. The belief is usually misguided and lack in truth because slots will always operate in random fashion. You can still play and win or lose on the same slot machine at any given time.

There are times when slot machines are wired not pay out

This is simply not true because all legally operating slot machines are usually subject to regulations and checks from the betting and gambling authorities.

Strict security measures are thus put in place to prevent any manipulations that may result in casino licenses being revoked by authorities. Moreover, if there were ever regular winners and regular losers, there wouldn’t be new players coming in to try their luck.

In Summary

There is no doubt that the slots are some of the most popular casino games amongst players worldwide. However contrary to popular belief that there are usually certain times of the month or day that wins are guaranteed nothing can be further from the truth.

The slots machines work in a random fashion and therefore getting a win is usually a matter of luck. Any player can either win or lose at the slot machine at any given time.