If you look in any woman’s closet, you will find a collection of bags, for both casual and smart occasions. Often, we realize that we need a bag for a certain activity or a certain event. Having a selection of different types, colors and styles of bags that can add value to any outfit you are wearing, is imperative for women. Women carry many different useful items in their handbags, and there are many standing jokes around about what could easily “bite” coming out of a woman’s handbag. We need a bag for every occasion that can suit what we need to carry.

If you look at any online boutique store, such as you will find a wide selection of different bag styles and colors to suit any outfit.

In this blog, we will discuss 6 different bags that every woman needs in her bag collection and why.

  • shoulder bag;
  • day clutch bag;
  • evening clutch bag;
  • tote bag;
  • duffle bag;
  • sling bag.

Let’s dive into more detail on why you need these bags in your collection.

6 Bags Every Woman Needs


No outfit is ever complete without a stylish bag to go with it. Bags are not only fashionable and trendy, but also convenient. All women love bags, and you will always find a collection of bags in their closet. Having just one bag in your collection won’t work, you will need to have a different type of bag for various occasions both smart and casual. There isn’t a woman on earth who only has one bag.  We are now going to take a look at 6 different bags that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe collection and why.

1. Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is one you would use for more everyday use and would therefore need to be a good quality bag that is durable. You may want to have a few of these to rotate as you will use them often. If you want them to last longer, rotating them can definitely help. Sometimes, you may even find a shoulder bag that can be used either as a shoulder bag or a clutch bag for daytime events.

2. Day Clutch Bag

Having a day clutch bag in your collection can be extremely useful, especially if you regularly attend formal or corporate day events. A clutch bag can hold the basics that you will need at your event, such as a small purse, your keys and your mobile phone and lipstick. It is perfect for this function. Even if you don’t regularly attend formal day events, it’s still useful to have, as you never know when you may be surprised with a day event you need to attend such as a wedding or corporate breakfast.

3. Evening Clutch Bag


For any formal event, an evening clutch bag will add a great fashion statement to your evening wear. Without an evening clutch bag you will have nowhere to keep your purse, keys, lipstick or mobile phone, and you will need to carry these items around with you. They come in various shapes, designs and colors. Having a neutral colored clutch bag, such as a gold or silver one, that can go with any evening wear would be beneficial to have in your closet.

4. Tote Bag

Every woman needs a decent tote bag in her collection for those days when you need to carry a bit more than your daily essential items with you. Tote bags come in many different styles, colors,shapes and sizes. Some are made of leather and look like really big handbags, some are crocheted, some are quite plain and simple made of canvas. These are extremely useful bags to have in your collection. You can use them to carry files, books, your daily essentials, snacks etc. Women use tote bags as work bags, for shopping and many different reasons.

5. Duffle Bag

Whether male or female, you cannot go without a duffle bag in your collection. You can use these for the gym, for a weekend away or overnight hospital stay. It may sit in your wardrobe for a while unused if you’re not a regular gym goer, but you will certainly wish you had one when you want to go away for the weekend or need to have an overnight stay somewhere. Duffle bags can fit many essentials, making it a convenient and versatile item to have in your closet. You could easily pack goods to last for about 2 days in a duffle bag, there is usually lots of space and even some extra pockets. .

6. Sling Bag


Now, this is a useful bag to have in your wardrobe. On the days when you are just going to a casual event, or just out to the shops, a cute sling bag will be much better than carrying a big handbag with you. A sling bag has a long strap that can go over your shoulder and wrap around your body. Carrying a sling bag in a busy environment is a lot safer than a carry handbag or shoulder handbag as it wraps around your body. It is ideal to carry just your essentials, such as your purse, keys and mobile phone. Get yourself one in a fairly neutral color that matches most of the items in your wardrobe.

Do you have all 6 of these bags in your collection? We are sure you can see there is value in having these bags in your collection. If you don’t yet have some of these in your closet, best put them on your Christmas Wish list for hubby, or put it into your budget for a gift “from me to me”. There is nothing like an occasion or event creeping up on you, and realizing you don’t have a suitable bag for your outfit. As women, we should be prepared for any occasion, and having a selection of neutral colored bags such as the 6 we mentioned, will keep you prepared for any event or occasion.