As human beings, cannabis is an effective drug for horses also. Many people are unaware of its advantages and therefore, do not provide it to their pets. When you know how it is beneficial for your pony, then you will surely provide this compound to your pony. No doubt, CBD oil has many health benefits, but it is hard to believe that it affects in the same way to animals.

In the following write-up, we will discuss certain benefits of providing cannabis to ponies. If you feel that your pet is suffering from the following problems, then you can take recommendations from the vet. He can suggest better for your friend and keep its health fine. Let us check out some advantages if horses consume CBD.

Arthritis and Severe Pain in Joints


Constant pain can significantly worsen the life quality of your horse. It is a common issue that many pets suffer. If ignored, then the pain gets worsened, and it becomes severe. Competitive horses are especially prone to it because their legs endure much more significant strain. Therefore, cannabis can help them in getting rid of extreme pain in their body.

Over the counter, analgesics tend to have adverse effects that make your pony lazy and tired. CBD oil, however, provides relief without sedation. It has been demonstrated in mice with acute pain, and plenty of anecdotal evidence claims effectiveness in other pets too. It is also inflammatory, meaning it alleviates swelling in many joint areas.

In other words, the joints endure less pressure, so they hurt less. CBD interacts with the pain receptors in your horse’s brain, preventing their activation. This kind of blockage prevents pain signals from the brain neurons going around the animal body, so even though the pain is technically there, your pony cannot feel it anymore. Read this to learn more about how pain receptors work.



As with any muscle-heavy and active creature, inflammation problems are just a matter of time. Horse tendons along with their muscular structure endure extreme stress levels during intense exercise. Ongoing irritation can result in arthritis and severe joint pain, which can even cause cardiovascular issues.

Inflammation is a good sign because the immune system is doing its job perfectly. However, it can be damaging if left unattended over the years. Regularly employing inflammation management treatment can prevent it from escalating into serious health concerns. You have to take care of this health problem and treat it before it becomes too much.

CBD is an excellent aid in reducing inflammatory pain, and you can find some good formulas over at It has also proven itself helpful in reducing swelling following a surgical procedure. To prevent any complication, you should discuss with your veterinarian before you introduce it to your horse’s recovery regimen. He can suggest what is perfect for your friend because he can tell about dosage precisely.

Emotional and Mental Strain


CBD oil is helpful enough to ease and manage symptoms of anxiety and stress in human beings, and other animals. Some brain areas are quite responsible for these feelings are similar in humans and many animals. Therefore, they can be affected similarly, just like we people.

Horses are renowned for their emotional intelligence, even being described in terms of empathy sometimes. Every horse owner has an obligation to make sure their feelings and sensitivities are being respected and addressed. One fairly common example of mental and emotional strain in horses is travel anxiety. If they are getting transported around a lot, they might start to react negatively to travel and will need help calming down.

There is also competition anxiety among racehorses, especially those that race in closed and tight spaces. They may develop restlessness and claustrophobia. Luckily though, CBD can help you manage both kinds of fear, naturally, safely, and without feeding your industrial horse chemicals. If your pet overcomes with its fear and emotional trauma, then only it can perform well in races.

Digestion Issues


Speaking of feeding, ponies are incredibly prone to gastrointestinal problems due to eating a grain-heavy diet. It is a typical problem in them, and you have to take care of your pet’s digestion. These issues typically consist of nausea, indigestion, reduced appetite, bloating, and sometimes ulcers.

Competitive sports horses have it even worse due to heightened physical activity. The overlap of intense exercise levels and a diet that is hard to digest might result in serious concerns for their gastrointestinal condition. If you want your pet to perform well and do not suffer from digestive issues, then it is recommended to ask for CBD from the vet and provide it rightly to your pony.

Being anti-inflammatory, CBD oil is very useful in managing these discomforts. The digestive pathways of a horse can get irritated if they are exposed to processed grain only. Cannabidiol therapy can help you prevent the issues we mentioned above or reduce their scope if they are already there. Consider cannabis as a temporary solution in treating all the issues.

Preventing Cancer Development


Cannabidiol oil has been seen to ease the adverse consequences of cancer treatment. There is hope that it might slow or slow down the spread of tumorous tissue. It has demonstrated an ability to slow down the development and multiplication of the cancer cells, and the ability to kill them. There are added benefits to boosting one’s immune system.

It is essential to consider that CBD is not a complete replacement of conventional remedies for any of the above. If you start a hemp therapy on your horse, that is okay, but make sure to consult the vet beforehand, to avoid unintentionally making things even worse.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis is an effective drug in treating major health problems in horses. You can take recommendations from a vet who knows your pet well. It is necessary to provide the right dosage of CBD oil so that it does not cause any side effects or harm your animal’s body. After considering all the benefits, it is easy to consume it.