What is an eBook?

An electronic book, which is a recent type of medium, has become very popular with the growth of electronic devices. A paperless way to enjoy our written media has taken the world by storm. Most books are striving to have their electronic counterparts also, but today there are dedicated ebook publishers as some writers choose to publish their work just digitally. Today the ebook format supports many devices with a dedicated market of readers where big companies like Amazon and Apple are taking the lead. Still, the format is available and easy access on most electronic devices.

The better education system around the world today has brought more talented people to different fields. Instead of talking, some people are more likely to express their thoughts in words, like creating a book. With the technology’s development, today, ebook enjoys a popular usage in the world because the Internet is reaching more people. Have you ever thought about why you need to create one? The best reason to create one is that people can read them conveniently and share them easily. Therefore, instead of printing a physical book, creating one for sharing with more readers are more meaningful. So, for those who want to create an ebook, this review is written to help.

1. Select a topic that audiences are interested in


Firstly, to begin with, an ebook, you need to do some research in advance to make sure the topic you would like to describe in the book. Also, surrounding this topic, then you can begin to search in-depth and look for what parts or what kinds of subtopics your audiences may be interested in. You can plan these stories and conclude them in your ebook if possible.

2. Outline the main chapters of the ebook


When you have selected the topic for the ebook, and also some possible stories or parts you could contain in the content, you can begin to classify them into different chapters, then make a total content for this whole thing. By making the content clear, you will feel more efficient and have a clear thought while creating detailed content.

3. Begin writing content for the ebook


Now as you have decided on the chapters of the work, you can begin to share your thoughts by writing surrounding the topic and chapters you have decided! Check for reliable references and adapt professional writing methods to make your ebook more authoritative and attractive to your target audiences! Also, make sure the titles or subtitles of each chapter and parts are clear enough for audiences to grasp the main content of them.

4. Design the carefully


When all your writing is done, you can try to edit and design the ebook to make it more vivid and attractive. For example, you can add some images, graphics, tables, etc. in some parts where they may need to let the content express more clearly and concrete; you can also adapt some quotes by celebrities when you try to explain something related; using colors and applying clear layout for the ebook are also helpful to make your ebook more reader-friendly.

5. Check the grammar or spelling errors carefully


To make sure your work doesn’t contain some easily noticeable errors, after finishing all the writing and editing tasks, you can have a review on the content or use some helpful tools such as Grammarly to check whether the grammar and spelling of the ebook are completely correct. You can also ask some of your reliable friends or tutors to help review the content for you as well. Different people may be able to find out some small errors that would be missed by yourself.

6. Convert the ebook into PDF format

PDF is a universally used document format that is completely supported by all kinds of devices systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and so on. So if you are using Word, TXT, or RTF format to create the ebook, it would be better for you to convert different document formats to PDF with some helpful PDF converter online, such as EasePDF, iLovePDF, Smallpdf, and so on. They are all free tools that need no cost.

7. Publish your work and prompt it to the public


When your work is converted to PDF format, you can begin to publish your ebook through some online platforms, or directly prompt it through some social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. Now it is time for your ebook to reach more readers and help express your thoughts to them.

Other Way to Create It


Some people may not want to write one. They may just want to turn a physical book into an ebook so that they can read it more conveniently on some portable devices. For these people, a way to help is to scan the pages of the book you want to create into an ebook to PNG or JPG images. Then, you can use an online JPG to PDF converter to convert these images and also merge them into a single PDF document. In this way, the work basing on physical one is created easily.


Creating one is not a difficult task today because of the help of the developed technology. In fact, if you’re not creating one to market your business, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get the attention of prospective customers. Using such a way to express thoughts is quite great because you are likely to access more audiences that have the same ideas in you. In our life, electronic work can be a powerful content marketing resource, a tool we must need to make our life comprehensive and smart. That’s why learning how to create an eBook is so easy. This can be a good experience for the authors. So, why not try to create your ebook now by following this guide?