It almost a whole year passed from the start of one of the worst pandemics in modern history. While the whole world is struggling to fight against the invisible enemy by taking some precautions related to remain social distance and wearing a mask, the industry that is suffering the most is tourism, especially hotels and restaurants. We are still waiting for a vaccine that will help us to finally and the global pandemic and continue with normal lives. However, until that happens, we must remain responsible and follow the instructions from the World Health Organization.

Many industries have developed new methods where people could work from home. On the other hand, that is not possible for jobs related to the tourism and entertainment industries. In that matter, owners of these businesses must pay attention to all important factors that could prevent the spread of the disease. There is a new regulation for hotels, bars, and restaurants, where both guests and employees must wear a mask. Besides that, it is useful to wear medical gloves as well and use a hand sanitizer whenever you touch any item. You can visit if you need to buy equipment that could protect people from COVID-19.

When it comes to coronavirus, it represents a highly infective virus that spreads from person to person through the respiratory system. You could get this virus by being in contact with a deceased person where it can transfer it through droplets. Also, shaking hands or touching any item can lead to infection if you don’t use a hand sanitizer. Nevertheless, you should know that the main issue and reason why this virus is spreading so fast is that most people don’t have any symptoms, at least not from the exact moment when they catch it.

The best prevention of spreading the virus is by staying home. There were measures of quarantine in many countries. However, the governments had to let businesses remain open to prevent the crash of the economic system. The branches like IT companies, marketing, and business companies, and many others where people can work from home are in much less danger. On the other side, people who are in contact with clients more often must respect all of the measures and take important precautions to avoid getting infected or spreading the coronavirus. Here are the major precautions for people who work in hotels.

Protection of Employees


When it comes to official measures, bars and restaurants can let a limited number of people there, while both workers and guests must wear masks. Also, there are limitations about how many people could sit for one table, along with the distance of tables. As a hotel owner, you need to create a proper plan for the protection of your staff by providing them with all of the necessary equipment and explaining to them that they must respect the social distance and pay attention to warn guests who are breaking that regulation.

Create a Plan According to Official Regulations


Keep in touch with measures given by the government and always include them in your safety program. While you can protect residents and stuff more efficiently, you can also avoid getting a fine for not following the rules. The controls of inspection are increased, and they will penalize every local where workers are not wearing masks or letting too many people in.

Situation Where Worker is Suspected or Tested Positive for Coronavirus


From the first moment when someone is suspecting how he might be infected, that person should be responsible and got to test itself. If you notice that some of your workers are showing some indications that could be linked with the COVID-19, you must immediately send him home. After that, all people that were in contact with that person must take a test as well, in case that the worker was positive. Furthermore, you must sanitize the area. The best method for proper disinfection is to wait for one day until you start, and then clean every spot.

Engineering Control


Along with the necessary items that workers need to carry, you must also include some modifications inside of the hotel rooms. For example, the terminal for paying with credit and debit cards should be moved to create a bigger distance between workers and guests. Also, you will have to make a new arrangement of furniture to prevent people from breaking the social distance. Moreover, you can create a physical barrier that will separate people who are staying in the hotel from your stuff. Nevertheless, you should also adjust the air-conditioning system where it should remain the humidity of the air to be around 50%. Besides that, each table should have a hand sanitizer, along with other areas where people are passing by more often.

Cleaning Guidance for Guest Rooms


People are in less danger while they are in the apartment. However, knowing that there were guests before in the same room, whenever someone leaves a hotel, your service must clean the guest room properly. People who are cleaning rooms will have to remove all of the items for single-use that were in the room and clean every area that was frequently touched, such as drawers, switches, sinks, handles, remotes, and more. It is important to know that they should not shake the laundry that needs to be cleaned. In case that there was a report of a positive person that is one of your guests, you should wait for at least one day until your stuff go there to complete disinfection.

Last Words

We must be responsible and respect all of the measures that can prevent the spread of this disease. That is the only way to get the coronavirus under control until there is a proper vaccine. Remember to wear a mask, and always wash your hands after you touch any surface. Also, sanitize your palms every time before eating or touching your face. Moreover, you should follow the instructions of experts and the World Health Organization and include each regulation in the hotel.