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Most people can relate to the lyrics of Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful” as it talks about the pressures that these stars face daily and Christina Aguilera we believe also goes through this type of pressure every day especially since the Christina Aguilera plastic surgery rumors hit the internet which might be a little bit difficult for the singer to cope with.

The first time that Christina Aguilera won the heart of many people was when she first showed up at Mickey Mouse Club back in the 1990s and she showed up with a fresh face and blonde locks.

She had a self-titled album that ranked on Billboard’s hot 100 songs back in 1999. The self-titled album contained songs like “Genie In a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants” which earned her some Grammy awards.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

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However, Christina Aguilera hasn’t revealed to the public how much plastic surgery she has had over the course of her career even though she has openly discussed some of these procedures, there is a very high possibility that she might not be telling the complete truth about everything. The possibility of going under the knife might be true as she looks quite different from when she started off her career.

There are critics who actually think that the Christina Aguilera plastic surgery procedures made her look a bit awkward as her cheekbones are more prominent, her face has a flawless look while her nose now has a more refined look.

Due to these changes, plastic surgeons and the fans now have reasons to believe that the Christina Aguilera plastic surgery rumors are quite true. There have been some experts that have weighed in on this topic and shared their opinions too. Let us start off with her cheeks.

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There is a rumor that she must have enhanced her cheeks as her jawline now have fuller looks which ended up making her look more youthful but there is also this belief that how full her face is might make her face seem quite heavy.


However, there are also some fans who believe that her puffy cheeks might still be as a result of added weight. There are also changes made to the nose of Christina Aguilera as comparing her old and new pictures show that her nose now seems more subtle and clear.

The shape of her nose now looks narrower and her nostrils are not as visible as before. Her nasal bridge is also well defined now which suggests that she must have had Rhinoplasty done on her nose.

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One more plastic surgery procedure we want to talk about is the use of Botox injections and this is also very evident because at her age right now, her face doesn’t show any signs of wrinkles. Her eyes also have no signs of crow feet while her burrows have no frows and this could be the use of Botox injections which have succeeded in making her look youthful.

Maybe Christina Aguilera turned to plastic surgery to cope with all the pressures that come with being famous but whatever her reason might be, she sure looks beautiful with her plastic surgery procedures.