Written by Tony Tost, the USA Network aired the American drama series Damnation in 2017. Now, all episodes of the series are available on Netflix. Concluding with just ten episodes, the series stirred the hearts and minds of its fans to crave for season 2. Will there be a season 2 of Damnation? Continue reading to find out.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Damnation revolves around Holden County of 1931, a fictional location in the US. The year 1931 is associated with the great depression, and so is the series. Challenging the concept of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ and the self-recuperating character of laissez-faire capitalism, Seth Davenport, the protagonist of the series, provokes the peasants of the countryside to mount a revolution.

The great depression has left Holden County with an air polluted by rising cases of corruption, despotism, favoritism, and personality cults. Even the press and the police fell victim to corrupt practices and whims of the upper-class capitalists.

Creely Turner is the estranged brother of the protagonist. He is a former convict and currently is part of a detective agency named Pinkerton. No one knew that Turner and Davenport were brothers. Eventually, a capitalist pays Turner to keep an eye over and to intercept any attempts of revolution in the county. The political catastrophe triggers a series of violence and dramatic episodes, which is the highlight of Damnation. Now, will they be able to mount a successful revolution against the capitalists?

The Cast


Even though there are only ten episodes, Damnation is like a Shakespearean play with an endless list of characters.

The role of Seth Davenport, the protagonist of the series, is played by Killian Scott. He tries to persuade the peasants to fight against the rampant corruption and the capitalists of Holden County.

Logan Marshall-Green beautifully plays the role of the protagonists’ estranged brother, Creely Turner. He is an ex-convict and works as a detective in the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Sarah Jones plays the role of Amelia Davenport, the wife of Seth, who is inclined towards radical leftist ideologies. Chaston Harmon plays the role of Bessie Louvin, an educated African-American prostitute who is also the secretary of Creely.

Christopher Heyerdahl plays the role of Don Berryman, the corrupt sheriff of Holden County. The role of Connie Nunn, an agent of an international detective agency, is played by Melinda P Hamilton. Finally, Joe Adler plays the role of DL Sullivan, a local newspaper reporter.

Will There Be Damnation Season 2?


Damnation was aired on 7th November 2017. The interesting plot, formidable cast, and the grand success of the show made many expect the announcement of season 2. However, USA Network officially announced there will not be Damnation season 2.

Summing It Up

With just ten episodes, Damnation was a great success. Set up in the backdrop of the great depression, the series is known for its unique plot, strong characters, and interesting political drama. However, USA Network is not interested in Damnation season 2.