Are Russian ladies worth dating?

Instead of wondering whether a Russian girl deserves your attention, you would better think about whether you deserve her attention. Russian women have a strong character. It implies that you might have a hard time dating them. If you like challenges and are likely to overcome various hurdles, feel free to buy a ticket to Russia and schedule a date with a Russian girl. Note that there are some principles that every Russian girl would like you to follow when dating her.

The main principles of dating a Russian woman

1. Your intentions should be good


It is common knowledge that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, this fact sounds the opposite way for a Russian woman. Every Russian girl dreams of a beautiful and expensive wedding ceremony. They would like their wedding day to be as luxurious as possible because they like to show off on social media. Therefore, she would expect you to propose to her after a year of dating. She expects you to be serious about your relationships and looking for a wife, not just a lover. If you do not want to marry, you would not better engage in a relationship with Russian women. Even if you want to start a dating relationship online, on sites like Sofiadate, you have to show good intentions and be kind to your Russian girl if you want to win her heart.

2. You must be ready to meet with her family


It is normal for a Russian girl to introduce you to the family. If her father or mother does not like you, it might be a red flag for her. You should do your best to create the most positive impression and prove to her family that you are serious about dating your Russian lady. As long as her family wishes her best, the first person to create the best impression for you is her father. If he dislikes you, run away because he will never let his daughter suffer from a terrible husband.

3. Do not push her to start sexual relationships with you when you are dating


It might be you or someone else to date her, but you should not push her to have sex with you. If you ignore this principle, you might feel guilty and even crazy when the relationships are over. You will regret pushing her to have sex with you later on, especially if you fail to marry her.

Therefore, it would be better not to begin to have intimate relationships before you marry. If you want your reputation to be good in the eyes of her family and close friends, you should be patient and wait. You will have the rest of your life to enjoy your lady’s presence. Why push her to do it now if she does not want to?

4. Show your love for her through presents


Russian girls like dating foreigners, especially because they can afford to give them expensive presents. However, if you are not very rich, you might provide her even with little presents. It would be better if you earned money and presented her with a trip to another country. Russian girls like to travel a lot, so it would be the best gift you might ever do for her.

Russian women expect their foreign partners to be richer than her. It is not a big deal for you if you really want to impress the queen of your heart, is it? Proving your feelings this way, you will be a hero in her eyes, for sure. There is no need to be shy about your finances then. However, you would rather get alert and suspicious if the only thing she is interested in is your money. This should be a red flag for you.

5. Make sure she is safe and sound


You should always make sure whether she is okay and has got to her home safely. For instance, you might call her or walk her home when you date late in the evening. You should be sure everything is fine with her. It is a kind of tradition in Russian when a man walks his lady home. All the neighbors must see that you are dating and care about your Russian girl. Do not let older women spread gossip about you and prove that you are such an awesome guy. If you can defend your lady from enemies, good for you and a good sign for her.

6. Do not pay compliments to her girlfriends


If you begin to do it, you might lose her soon because she might get jealous of you. Even if it is her best friend, you should not show that that girl is more attractive than your partner. No way you should flirt with her best friend in front of her to make her feel jealous. She might hate you for that, and you will never meet again. If you do not want to lose her, do not play such dirty games on her. Every girl wants to be loved and treated as if she was the only girl in the world. Do not make her get upset and cry tears because of your inappropriate behavior.

7. Listen to her attentively


You should be as attentive as possible during a date. No way you should yawn when she is talking. You must show that you are interested in what she says, even if you do not find her stories interesting. Sometimes a girl just needs to express herself, so let her do it freely. It would be superb if you left a few comments from time to time and gave a few pieces of advice about a certain situation. Sometimes she might need your male point of view. Express it if you want to impress here. In other words, express to impress.

8. Invite her to the second date


Do not ever leave your Russian woman guessing whether you will date her one more time or you will not. Do not make her think and overthink about it because she might conclude that you are not interested if you do not call or message her for a long time. Try to make it clear to her whether you liked her or not. It will be better to use polite words to explain that you do not match the priorities you are searching for in a girl. She will understand if you open up your heart correctly. Of course, you should invite her for the second date ASAP before someone else schedules a date with her.

Summing up

You must do your best to impress your charming Russian lady, or else she might choose a Russian guy. Note that you should be as patient as possible if it comes to understanding her. Not all Russian women know English well. You would better begin to learn her native language to be closer to her and understand her better.

If it does not work, you will acquire a few language skills and help her overcome her language barrier. Therefore, there will always be an advantage for both of you if you begin to date soon. Go ahead and buy tickets to Russia now and have a marvelous time with her, friend!