All people have faced the situation then only a few days left till Christmas, but they don’t know what to present. Of course, the easiest way is to give your boyfriend or husband money to buy what he wants or to place bets at Yet, what if you want to present something yourself? Then these gifts are handy for you.

How to Determine What He Wants?


Shopping for good gifts for a loved one can be a hassle sometimes. Whether it’s for the holidays or a memorable occasion, there’s always the dilemma of what to buy. Also, your budget can depend on your financial situation. It can limit the gift options that are available to you. Then, there’s the added pressure of time. Sometimes you’re either too busy to shop or you hear about a birthday/anniversary too late in the month. Manly Man Company website offers unique products which you can order online.

The right way to find out what a man wants as a gift is to ask him. Yet, many people think that a gift for Christmas to a man should be given as a surprise. So, they avoid asking about it in advance. In that case, you can use the following tips:

  • Listen to what the man says. As a rule, people themselves casually say about what they would like to get as a gift. If a man complained not so long ago that his phone case was completely frayed, this is a good excuse to buy a new one. Or he mentioned that he saw a beautiful set of tools in the store. You can find out what kind of set he saw, and the name of the store. And that’s it, the problem with the gift is solved.
  • View browser history. Sometimes the computer and smartphone can tell a lot about a person. For example, if a man has recently been looking for information about gamepads in the network, then he needs such a thing. Yet, never forget that it is improper to take other people’s things without permission.
  • Ask for help from a friend. Perhaps your man’s mate man will share ideas about what to give his pal for Christmas.
  • Go together to the mall. During the walk, pay attention to which showcases and merchandise the man is looking at.

Yet, if these tips are not helpful, you can select one of the following gifts.



A razor will come in handy for the man who wants maximum facial smoothness. Of course, a metal model looks more impressive than an ordinary plastic one. Yet, not everyone wants to take risks and carefully monitor every movement so as not to cut themselves. In this case, it is better to present a high-quality electric razor.

Grooming Kit

Anyone who wants to grow a beautiful beard and mustache needs a set of tools for grooming. Give your man a set of oil, conditioner, and wax. If he doesn’t already have all the accessories he needs, present him a set of combs, brushes and scissors.

Oral Irrigator


An oral irrigator is a great addition to your regular toothbrush. It can clean your mouth thoroughly, especially in between the teeth and in the gum pockets. The level of spray pressure is adjustable. So, it’s also suitable for men with sensitive teeth.


A tablet with a good screen will be useful for watching videos and movies, reading news and books, making notes and having fun playing games. The most advanced models will replace a laptop for home use. Moreover, in some cases, they are suitable as a convenient professional tool.

Video Game Console


For gamers, the new video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony are the most desirable presents this winter. Games with impressive graphics, fast loading and innovative mechanics will appreciate even those who do not closely follow the development of technology.

Gamers for sure will please the collector’s set of new blockbuster they were expecting. Maximum immersion in the world and the plot is provided. In some cases, such sets do not include the game. So, you will have to buy separately.

Bluetooth Speaker

A gaming console or home theater set definitely needs a good Bluetooth speaker. This high-quality device will help you fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. A great option for a gift this year is speakers that connect wirelessly in a single system. Premium devices are great for listening to music in high quality.



With a projector, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your home. It is desirable to display the image on the projection screen, but the device with powerful characteristics will give a bright picture even on an ordinary light wall.


Upholstered armchairs can be a favorite place to relax after a busy day. Sitting in it, you can comfortably read a book, watch a movie, a sports match or just take a nap, wrapped in plaid.

Gambling and Table Games


A gambling card game will make weekend evenings with friends noticeably more interesting. An ordinary poker set usually includes chips, two decks of cards, as well as cloth and a handy box or case to store the set.

This gift will help diversify winter gatherings with friends. The lover of active entertainment will suit a sports game, and a real geek can be given a board game based on his favorite movie or book. You have to check out Toynk for various table and board games. They have a variety of geek merchandise and collectibles too.

Smartphone Holder

Your significant other will need this accessory to use his smartphone as a GPS navigator and for hands-free phone calls. Give a Qi induction charging holder as a gift if you’re sure the man’s gadget supports this technology.



A juicer will appeal to the lover of vitamin drinks. Powerful premium models can work with any vegetables, fruits and even nuts. Devices from the middle and budget segments are unlikely to easily cope with the preparation of almond milk. Yet, you can always count on fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.

Bread Machine

A bread machine comes in handy for a man who likes to eat delicious, freshly baked buns made with his own choice of flour and without chemical compounds. He does not need to have special knowledge and will not have to spend a lot of time cooking flavorful loaves. The device performs almost all operations with loaded ingredients automatically.

Electric Grill


With the electric grill, you can cook meat, fish and vegetables at home, roast sausages and heat sandwiches without using oil. The device with automatic programs and electronic process control is suitable even for a man far from the culinary world.

DJ Controller

For the music lover, a DJ controller will help you have fun and immerse yourself in the art of creating exciting mixes. At a party, a man will be able to demonstrate his DJ skills and make even the shyest person dance.