When men see a pretty girl with a hot body, they often use a broad chest, big ass, tiny waist, and other words to describe what they are attracted to. When they walk around town, their eyes are still more drawn to a woman with a big butt. What kind of female curve is the most desirable; after all, a lady with sexy buttocks will capture more of a man’s attention.

Men like a fat booty, but this doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. Studies in the United States have hired 300 male testers. They showed tester photos of women’s curves that did not explain how they looked or how they dressed but displayed significant curves. The results show that men prefer women with bigger breasts. The key is the corner of the woman’s back and thighs. No matter how large a woman’s breasts are, as long as her legs and waist are at an angle of 45 degrees, the body appears most desirable.

Reasons Why Men like Fat Sex Doll

  1. Fat sex dolls help in sexual desire – The perfection of the buttocks is more likely to spur male sexual fantasies, giving them a healthy sex drive. They like this relaxing sex cycle and like the noises of the sex process. The vast basin also symbolizes the desire to give birth to several good offspring. The love of the “good pelvis” is thus the nature of human creation and the most powerful. Sexual culture also plays a part in our tastes and desires. The fullness of the backs, combined with attractive buttocks, makes people feel enticing and eager to jump into action.
  2. Pregnancy and childbirth – The curve that shows the back of the woman and the angle of the butt is something that people look at. This Angle will help a woman lift more baby weight, walk more efficiently, and reduce back problems. Since women with these curves have a more significant percentage of successful childbearing, this gene can be sustained and created.
  3. Sex with a fat doll is comfortable – A lot of men like to insert their cock from behind into their partner’s vagina. When the rooster goes in and out, he’s hitting his hip mate. Big hips are particularly relaxing because they are flexible and elastic, so you won’t be feeling awkward touching your wife’s hip bones. The tone of the ass bump is even sexier. Man likes anal sex with the woman with a big buttock, too. A big butt wraps his cock and makes him feel satisfied.
  4. It feels good to slap a fat sex doll – Now, many people want to stretch women while making love. Women see it as a way to flirt and offer a feeling of conquest to men, making it more likely to be fulfilled. And when a woman’s ass is swollen and irritated by pain, the muscles around her ass spontaneously contract and the vagina often contract, making the vagina narrower and more accommodating for men.
  5. Lifelike looks – There are a lot of fat sex dolls with natural curves. They have big breasts and small waists, but they also mimic the vagina and anus of actual human beings. They are the best sexual partners of men. Sex dolls do not ignore your desires or hate your actions. As a perfect sexual encounter, the love doll is submissive to you. It would do anything for you instead of disheartening you.

Real women vs sex dolls


Men are still searching for a woman who appears to be successful and capable of raising children. Reproductive attributes, in addition to large buttocks, large breasts have been one of the requirements for the choice of girlfriends. They reflect fertility and the capacity to give birth successfully. Even if we don’t grasp these, our emphasis on partner selection will influence these qualities. Consequently, if someone nurtures our interest, it will have an indirect impact on our judgment. One research found that the hips were more extensive and that their children’s cognitive abilities were also higher. On the other hand, sex dolls have nothing to tell about their cognitive capacity.

Wide hips and big breasts are what people look at when they buy sex dolls as well. There isn’t much of a difference in that segment.

Men like fat sex dolls much more than you thought!


When questioned about sex dolls, 38% of men experienced what it is like to be with a sex doll. Using a sex robot during sex will spice things up and contribute to more intense orgasms. Watching your spouse using a vibrator can be incredibly thrilling. Employing your spouse’s sex robot will make you realize what they want and don’t want and know how to stimulate them to create the most deeply sexy sensations.

Identifying the appropriate sex doll is crucial. There is several couples’ doll that gives sexual pleasure to both parties during intercourse. Try a vibrating dick ring that renders erections stronger, and at the same time sends powerful knee-jerk sensations through the clitoris. Some couples’ dolls are remotely controlled, so you’ll have fun tracking your partner’s sexual stimulation while still sitting there, clicking all the controls! Constant use of sex dolls has improved consumer pleasure and enjoyment rather than a threat to a relationship.


To sum up, fat sex dolls have a variety of advantages. They are increasingly attracting praise from the public over time. The concern that was then a taboo has developed into one that has a massive following and acceptance. The detailed explanations for this underscore why sex dolls are unarguably loved than humans. If you want to know more articles about sex dolls, please click here.