Being in the shoes of an event planner is a tough spot. It is not such because they have to cater to the requirements of the hosts but also because the idea of planning and hosting events is an elaborated one. There are many things under the umbrella that you need to watch over.

The event planning process includes planning and moving from one place to another. Hence, it is vital to prepare everything, but you should take one step at a time.

When you are planning things, one thing cannot be overseen at any cost. It is a security concern at events.

Here are some event security planning tips that you can consider. These tips will help you save the event from mistakes that can tend to come into the picture.

Overseeing The Event Guests


So, it is simply that an event will have two kinds of people: the hosts and the guests. As an event planner, you are hired by the hosts, but you should not be at a place where you are ignoring the guests or overseeing them. It is the first step towards a security breach as anyone can enter and leave the venue.

The guests are the heart of the event. If they come to the event, have a good experience, and leave securely, you will feel on top of the world. Apart from the feeling, you will end up delivering a seamless experience for both the hosts and attendees. Paying attention to the small things like the security of the people and their stuff will make a better experience.

Understaffing Or Overstaffing

The next issue that can arise is because of understaffing or overstaffing. It is another security issue as the armed security forces may be employed in less or more than the required number. Both these things are problematic. If the security force is employed in fewer numbers, it will enhance the chances of a breach. On the other hand, if you end up doing overstaffing, it will be of no use and can enhance the expenditure.

Also, it might highlight the event once you do any of these things. The people who are on the lookout for an opportunity to crash such events try to gather crucial information and cause harm to the event, people, and the very idea behind organizing the event.

Making Wrong Assumptions


It is the biggest mistake that any event planner tends to make. Assumptions may or may not work how one expects them to work. Many people have this mindset that there can be no risks at events, so they tend to overlook the security requirements. Also, they take basic precautions in some cases and tend to leave many loopholes in the process. You never know that a team of thieves or burglars might be waiting for these loopholes, and they can use them for their benefit.

So, making the right decisions beforehand is better than being caught off-guard.

Security Goals Should Be Set At All Costs

There can be many people who will ask or tell you to implement the security patterns for following the protocols that have been set. If you do it that way, it will be nothing more than a formality. You need to consider the factors related to the importance of security, like why you need it and whom you need to employ.

Sometimes, doing it for formality’s sake will lead you nowhere. It is essential to protect all people at an event from security threats, so security planning is a must. It would help if you were strict when implementing this planning, as it will help you and the people attending the event.

Paying Attention To The Trends And Patterns


Another significant mistake can be committed at events and their preparation, leading to security lapses. It is related to not trying to understand the possible risks that can emerge at an event; hence, when you are in danger, there will be a feeling of helplessness. To avoid such things developing, you should ensure that you perform risk division, assessment, and management properly. Also, you should visit the event location to understand the same clearly. Also, you need to check the history of the place. You can verify the information you have regarding the incidents that had taken place over there in the recent past.

Having Less Experienced Guards For Work

If you have a tight budget for the event, you might be sacrificing the quality of many things at the event. For instance, you might collaborate with new people in the event security field or can even hire people who are charging less. Now, the trouble can be wholesome if you have someone who is not experienced or does not match the quality. The event will be spoilt to another level and your reputation will be at stake. So, here are two things that you can do:

  • You can conduct proper market research on the experienced people in town and know their area of expertise.
  • You can check for their license to maintain authenticity and develop a reliance on their services.

Missing Out On Security Discussions


As event organizers, there are many things on the plate that you need to cater to. However, it would help if you did some things that cannot be missed at any cost. For example, when discussing the entry and exit passages, you need to have security people in the discussion. It can be a qualitative conversation where both parties can give their suggestions and decide on a midway that includes the suggestions of both parties. You need to understand that the management team is complete with their presence. Their contribution is worthy and essential to make your event a big hit.


A single man can do a single man’s job. Overdoing or undergoing anything will create issues and hamper the idea of doing the whole thing. When planning an event, you should work on security measures and avoid mistakes that can cause issues for the attendees. These tips will help you with careful planning so that the event concludes nicely.