Although Jogo do Tigre has been widely publicized on social media, the platform is prohibited in Brazil and is considered as a game of chance. The fraud of the Fortune Tiger game even resulted in a police investigation!

With the promise of monetary returns on wagers, the Fortune Tiger game has recently witnessed a surge in popularity on social media. Influencers and alleged players have advertised the platform by posting videos on YouTube and Instagram, offering fictitious strategies for winning and suggesting websites where one might play. The issue stems from the fact that the venture, called Fortune Tiger and Joguinho do Tigre, is seen as a casino and gambling game, which is prohibited in Brazil.

Advantages Drawbacks
The Fortune Tiger game has a bit of an Asian flavor and honors Chinese festivals.


Fortune Tiger offers players a four-tier jackpot structure.


Fortune Tiger players can get 10 extra free spins.


There is an ability to instantly trigger gold symbols in Fortune Tiger.

The visual design of the Fortune Tiger casino game may seem a little outdated.


RTP threshold is considered low.


Can Fortune Tiger be trusted?


Jogo do Tigre is banned in Brazil as it falls under the category of gambling and casinos. The platform is not registered in the country and is not listed on Brazilian sites, as it is already under police investigation. Consequently, it does not seem feasible to decide which platform is ideal for playing in the Fortune Tiger casino game.

Police claim that the reason for the arrest was suspicion that people were being paid to entice customers to play illegal games at online casinos. Generally speaking, casino gambling is considered a scam in which players will only lose money while playing. The main beneficiary of the game is whoever operates the gaming platform, although Fortune Tiger casino games are generally designed for periodic winnings that encourage players to play further.

Another thing that makes people suspicious of Fortune Tiger is the use of ad gaming strategy, which has already become famous through other internet scams (posting movies on the topic on YouTube channels that have nothing to do with it). Hackers target YouTube channels with large numbers of subscribers to exploit their audience and publish questionable content. For example, the account “Classico do Rap Nacional” currently has multiple videos of Jogo do Tigre.

Tricks for winning the Fortune Tiger casino game

It is no secret that the key to profits in games is luck. However, by implementing a few strategies, you can reduce your losses when the inevitable happens and increase your chances of winning when luck favors you. To do this, you can run your preferred Fortune Tiger game in demo mode before making real money spins. The reels will not start spinning until you decide how much to bet during the game. It is crucial to remember that the multiplier value increases your chances of winning the game.


Best techniques

The most important piece of advice is to utilize every game feature, beginning with the Wild symbol in Fortune Tiger. This game symbol not only has the highest value in the Fortune Tiger game, but also acts as a wild card, assisting other symbols in forming winning combinations. In addition, several strategies can be used during the game, such as the following:

  • The pyramidal approach. This strategy involves increasing the bet by one unit after losing and decreasing it by one unit after winning the game. Maintaining a balance between potential benefits and risks is the main game goal.
  • Martingale strategy. The concept is to double the game bet while maintaining the bet type after losing the game.

Play Fortune Tiger again. This gaming technique differs from others in that after winning, it involves increasing the bet by subtracting the winnings from the original bet. The odds do not change when you lose a game. However, this gaming approach is considered riskier, especially for inexperienced users.