With its notion of challenging the conventional idea of time and space, the overlapping of three worlds, the involvement of God and humans on the same plane, the manga series, Future Diary opens a scope of a journey for the viewers that encompasses multi-dimensional avenues. If you have missed the chance to see the series, get a glimpse of it in this article.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The story is taken from a Japanese manga and involves enormous twists and turns for the audience. The leading figure is a young boy of 14, named Yukiteru Amano who records life on his cell phone. Problems crop up when Deus, the Time God magically transforms the phone into a diary capable of predicting the future. In no time, Yukiteru is thrown into a deadly game of saving his life from other players and at the same time, protecting the diary.

He ultimately comes out victorious along with the future diary to succeed Deus in his throne but in the game, loses his parents and even his lover, Yuno. June however, belonged to a different timeline. The climax of the story takes place when the mournful Yukiteru suddenly experiences the one lost Yuno coming back to his life by the shedding of the interdimensional wall. The two then start living together as God and Goddess.

The Cast


The main cast of the series consists of three characters. The foremost important character is undoubted, the hero, Yukiteru Amano. The entire plot of the series revolves around him. Second to him in importance is the figure of the female protagonist, Yuno Gasai. It is through her repeated alternating of the timelines that the story witnesses all the twists and turns.

The other important character of the series is that of the God of Space and Time, Deus. He is the one who initiates the entire game to prevent the apocalypse. There are other characters too in the story who hold some significance, like, a terrorist and a police officer called Minene Uryu and Keigo Kurusu, who were the two major contestants of the game whom Yukiteru encounters. Finally, there is another significant character, a mayor named John Bacchus who murders Yukiteru’s parents.

When Can We Expect The Release?

No official date yet has been declared for the release of the second season. Since the 1st season was so fulfilling, many believe that they may not release a second season to the series.

Things You May Want To Know About Future Diary

The impact of the story was so intense in the mind of the viewers, that even after the end of the 1st season, there popped up several questions on the same from the fans. Accordingly, an OVA had to be launched even after 7 years of the conclusion of the 1st season. The OVA answered all the queries of the audience.

Summing It Up

In the end, it can be said that the show brought such a serious thrilling experience to the viewers that can’t be forgotten. It’s a pity to see the series not releasing a second season.