No one wants to tell others that they are using a wig. Even if the wig is completely different from your natural hair type and color and length, you won’t look unnatural. But this is possible only if you use a high-quality wig and wear it properly.

If you do not take care of the hairline and let the wig align badly, of course, it won’t look natural. Therefore, while wearing a wig, you should make sure that it is set to your hairline.

Moreover, you should also pin it up properly so that it completely covers all of your natural hair. Getting a wig is not a problem now.

You can get a complete wig where all the hair is on the cap. All you have to do is to wear that cap. Likewise, you have multiple options to choose from. If you want highlights or lowlights but do not want to damage your hair, you can use hair bundles.

Hair bundles


Instead of wearing a complete wig, using hair bundles is common among girls. They give volume to your natural hair and also make them look long and healthy. Furthermore, they are available for any hair type. If you have straight hair, you can have it in a bundle and if you have medium or heavy curls, you can get them too.

Everything is available at and you will also get a discount there. You can decide on the number of pieces you want. If you need to enhance your ponytail, a single bundle is enough for you. However, if your natural hair is too thin and short, you might need more than one hair bundle.

But the thing about bundles is their wear. They are not like a regular cap and therefore, it is not possible for everyone to wear them comfortably. If the bundle has pins, it will be easier. However, you will need a professional if you want to have the perfect look.

The best solution is to go to a professional but if you want, you can have these options too.

1. Right color and dimension


You might not know about the dimension of the hair. Usually, people have shaded hairs.

Your roots will be darker and the color will become lighter as we go down. This gradual color change is what professionals call dimension. But this is the case only with lighter colors. If you have dark brown or black hair, you won’t have to mind this thing.

So if you have dimensions in your hair and you use hair bundles with a single color, it will look fake. Therefore, it is better to either get rooted colors or ask your hairstylist to dye the wig. Professionals can mimic your natural dimension so you don’t look fake.

2. Choose a lace front style


If you are using a full wig and not just bundles, you do not have to worry about dimensions. Go with any color, any style and any hair type. The only thing that you need to take care of is to wear the cap properly. The best option in such a case is to go with a lace front wig.

Lace fronts have a more natural hairline. Real hair is sewed in the lace and that’s why there won’t be a sharp line between your skin and wig. This looks like the hair is coming out of your skin and lace becomes almost invisible.

Furthermore, you should also do proper alignment of your wig. Pin it up properly so that the cap covers all of your hair.

Another option that you can go for is a monofilament top. These wigs have real hair sewn into the cap. Therefore, it looks real and even if you are wearing a completely different color, it won’t look fake.

3. Don’t look too perfect


Perfection is a sign of fakeness. However, when you buy a wig it will be a perfect thing.

Therefore, you should make sure that you order a more natural look. If your scalp is not very healthy and you have thin and light hair, you should better go with a normal wig.

Because if you choose a wig with too thick and heavy volume hair, everyone will know it in an instant.

Furthermore, you should also try plucking out a few strands and cut down a few with baby scissors. But if you do not know much about it, you should not take a risk. It is better that you ask a professional for it.

Wearing wigs is becoming quite a common thing in today’s time. And people don’t find it troubling. So even if someone knows that what’s on your head is fake, they won’t mind.

However, if you do not want others to know, you can keep it natural.

4. Give a haircut or trim the wig


Another trick that you can use to look real is to trim your wig. When you buy wigs, they are in perfect shape and color. However, you do not want that.

So if you do not want someone to find out that it’s fake, you can get a haircut. Trimming the wigs or getting a proper haircut is the easiest solution for you. This will not only give you a natural look but also will blend it.

5. Get your size


If you want to look good, you should get things in the right size. An over or low fitting will ruin your look.

Therefore, even while purchasing wigs, you should stick by the size and thickness you have. Although wearing wigs means that you want volume in your hair but you cannot go overboard.

If you are using hair bundles, you cannot use a single bundle on one part of your hair. Likewise, when buying wigs, you should also make sure that it looks more like your natural hair.