George Timothy Clooney was given birth to in the year 1961 May 6th and has been involved with screenwriting, producing, directing and also as an activist throughout his career. He made his first acting appearance on TV in the year 1978, but it was his role as Dr. Doug Ross in the popular TV show “ER” that made him very popular.

His performance on “ER”, earned him lead roles in several other television films such as the 1998 crime comedy “Out of Sight”, the 1999 war satire “Three Kings” and the 1997 “Batman and Robin”.

george clooney height

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  • He has won the Golden Globe Awards on three occasions
  • He has won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • He has won the Academy Award for Best Picture


  • He has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award on two occasions
  • He has been nominated for the Academy Awards on six occasions for different categories in all

George Clooney Facts

There are some facts most people do not know about the actor and these are what we want to bring you today. Check out these rare facts of George Clooney;

  1. He quit drinking alcohol after the death of his uncle
  2. His mother contested in a beauty pageant and his father was a game show host
  3. He decided to play professional basketball with the Cincinnati Reds back in 1977 but got rejected just after his first round test
  4. While he was in middle school, George developed Bell’s Palsy also known as partially paralyzed face
  5. The Beverly Hills playhouse was where George ended up studying how to act
  6. On set of “Syrianna” in 2005, he suffered a brain dura damage
  7. During the 2008 US presidential election, George was a strong supporter of President Barack Obama
  8. He is also a strong supporter of gay rights

By the turn of the 2000’s, the actors popularity increased after he starred in the heist comedy movie “Ocean’s Eleven”, the movie became the height of his commercial success. Soon after he made his first appearance as a director in the movie “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” he has since then gone on to direct several other movies such as: “The Monuments Men”, “Leatherheads” and several others.

george clooney weight

Aside from his acting career, the actor has also served as a Messenger of Peace in the UN and has been involved with several humanitarian acts. He was once listed in the year 2009 as among the “Most Influential People in the World” by “Time’s”.

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George Clooney Age and Nationaility

Birth Name

  • George Timothy Clooney


  • Gorgeous George

Date of birth

  • 1961 May 6th


  • Taurus

Place of Birth

  • Lexington, Kentucky (United States)


  • United State of America

How Tall is George Clooney – George Clooney Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

george clooney age

Body Build Type

  • Average

Height Measurement

  • 180 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 78 kg

Body Measurements

  • Chest – 107 cm
  • Arms – 35.5 cm
  • Waist – 89 cm

Hair color

  • Greyish

Eye Tint

  • Dark Brown


  • Straight


  • Nicky Clooney (Father)
  • Nina Warren Clooney (Mother)


  • White


  • Agnostic


  • Actor, Director, Producer and Screenwriter


  • Amal Alamuddin (married. 2014)