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Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal was given birth to in the year 1980 December 19th and has been involved with acting throughout his career. Jake as popularly called started his acting career at a tender age of ten, which could have been from the influence of both his parent (Stephen Gyllenhaal (director) and Naomi Foner (screenwriter)).

His first major appearance was in the 1999 movie “October Sky” and his performance in the movie earned it over $ 30 million and became his breakthrough in his acting career. Before he then went on to portray the role of a troubled brother in the 2001 movie “Indie Cult hit Donnie Darko”.

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While he was still a child, it was his parent deep rooted connection to the Hollywood industry that saw him make his debut appearance in the 1991 movie titled “City Slickers”, where he played the “Billy Crystal’s son”. He failed to make appearance the following year in the movie titled “The Mighty Ducks” after it was required of him leaving home for a short duration of time.

He was later freed to partake in auditions and his parents strictly trained him to audition for parts rather than take them if he was just picked for the role. Soon after he began to appear in several movies at a young age and made some appearances with his sibling and mother. Jake appeared in the 1993 movie titled “Josh and S.A.M” which was the only time he had feature for any movie before his senior year in high school.

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Prior to him graduating from the “Columbia University”, he was a graduate from “Harvard Westlake School” in the year 1998. His involvement with the “Columbia University” wasn’t a surprise given the fact that his mother already graduated from the university and his sibling was also attending the same school. He later pulled out of college to focus more on his acting career but made his intentions to finish his degree known publicly.

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He has since then appeared in several high budget movies and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and also the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor in which he won the latter. Jake Gylenhaal used to be one of the fittest guys in Hollywood and in 2010, he showed the world his buffed body in the movie Prince Of Persia. During preparation for the movie, he was did a ninety minute cardio workout while wearing a jacket he would wear for the Prince of Persia movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal Age and Nationality

Birth Name

  • Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal


  • Jake

Date of birth

  • 1980 December 19th


  • Sagittarius

Place of Birth

  • Los Angeles, California (United States)


  • United States of America

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jake gyllenhaal age

How Tall is Jake Gyllenhaal – Jake Gyllenhaal Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

Body Build Type

  • Athlete

Height Measurement

  • 183 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 71 kg

Body Measurements

  • Chest – 112 cm
  • Arms – 41 cm
  • Waist – 84 cm

Shoe Measurement

  • Size 10 (USA)

Hair color

  • Dark Brown

Eye Tint

  • Blue


  • Straight


  • Stephen Gyllenhaal (Father)
  • Naomi Foner (Mother)


  • White


  • Judaism


  • Actor


  • Rachel McAdams (Rumored. 2014)