A pandemic wreaks havoc in our lives in many ways. Tutoring during a pandemic can be challenging since failure to adhere to guidelines can lead to pandemic spreading to both tutors and learners. Tutoring helps students catch up on their studies. It is a vital aspect of learning, and even during a pandemic, it must go on. But the catch here is that both parties must learn and adhere to safety precautions.

Best practices for tutoring during a pandemic

  • Tutoring remotely

Even in a virtual environment, learning can still take place. Tutors need to embrace technology and learn how to impart knowledge to learners remotely. With the right technology, tutoring is still possible in virtual classrooms.

  • Cultivate social closeness though physically apart

In a pandemic, social distance is one of the most effective health guidelines to help stop the spread of the disease. But through various online platforms such as zoom, Facetime, or Skype, tutors can safely go about their tutoring duties.

  • Effective use of resources through alliances

Tutors can share learning resources online with other tutors and pupils. Tutors may share files with tutoring materials among themselves and save time in preparing lessons. Learner may also share their learning materials with peers to diversify their knowledge. In the same breath, different tutors may use different approaches to tackle the same subject.

The above tips are crucial for tutoring online. But not all learners will benefit from online tutoring. Some tutors will still have to offer home-based tutoring even amid a pandemic. It is more effective and gives a better platform for both the tutor and the learners to interact for proper learning to take place.

So, how does one ensure that a home-based option is safe during a pandemic?

How to enhance safety during home-based tutoring


A tutor offering face-to-face tutoring should adhere to safety practices for their safety and that of the learners and other people they interact with at home.

Through some simple tips offered by for both online and home-based tutoring, one can get ideas on keeping safe during a pandemic.

Below are some tips a home-based tutor should adhere to:

  1. Issue a pandemic alert to the clients

Tutoring is also a type of business, and it must have a policy that it adheres to when carrying out tutoring activities. Tutors should also alert their clients on the safety measures all parties should adhere to for the sake of the learner and all stakeholders. Politeness and being respectful when issuing such an alert are vital so that it does not put off the client. Simple requirements like advising the client to give updates in case they are unwell, social distancing during lessons, and wearing protective gear are some of the issues a tutor may discuss with the client before they sign the contract.

  1. Choose safe travel means

A tutor must consider their means of travel as traveling is one of the fastest ways to spread a pandemic. Cycling or driving to the clients’ homes is a safer means of transport. Public transport exposes one to the pandemic, and as much as possible, tutors should avoid such means of transportation.

  1. Avoid sharing personal items during tutoring.

Professional tutors advise their learners to have personal learning materials and items. During a pandemic, a learner should also have access to digital devices and other learning materials that they should not share with the teacher. That way, safety during the learning session is maintained.

  1. Handshakes and other courtesy procedures

During a pandemic, one should avoid touching surfaces as much as possible. A tutor should consider calling the client when they reach the door instead of knocking or ringing the bell. Since global awareness of a pandemic is already in place, tutors should not feel the pressure to shake hands with their clients or learners as this is a risk during a pandemic.

  1. Sanitation and hygiene stations

Some clients provide a hygiene station in their hallway for visitors to sanitize before entering the house and when leaving. If a client has not thought about it, you may discuss such provisions to enhance your safety and that of the student and other people at that home. Alternatively, a tutor may carry their sanitizer and other hygiene products. Teachers should constantly clean their hands to avoid infections or infecting others.

  1. Keep updated on the pandemic situation.

Tutors should be creative in raising more awareness of the pandemic to their students. That way, students can also learn to cope with the situation without evoking panic. Creative ways to introduce such learning topics during a biology class would be to study viruses. In politics, a tutor may discuss various responses to the pandemic by different governments, or economics students may review the pandemic and its impact on the economy.

How to find a home-based tutor during a pandemic


One should consider all other relevant factors when hiring a tutor, such as level of education, experience, and public relations. But during a pandemic, there are other additional factors you should consider. Below are some of the main factors to consider to ensure that you get the right tutor for your child.

  • Create pods

Families can team up with neighboring families to hire a professional tutor. Doing that will minimize the risk of many tutors visiting the neighborhood at the same time.  That lowers the risk of spreading the pandemic. The families also pool resources to ensure the kids get a quality learning experience from professional tutors.

  • Hire tutors from agencies

Vetting tutors is the only way to ensure that parents get high-quality tutors for their kids. Through agencies, one can identify a professional tutor with experience and review feedback from their other clients. Teacher personality and demeanor also influence learning. Agencies understand their workforce personalities and other traits. That way, identifying the right tutor for their kids becomes easy.

  • You can opt for subject tutoring

Tutors specializing in a subject or two have vast knowledge in their area of specialization. They are most suitable to coach a student to excel in that subject or the course. One should not avoid home-based tutoring because of a pandemic. Hiring the right tutor and ensuring safety measures are in place will promote smooth home-based tutoring.