With the introduction of patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, many questions have been keeping the players on edge. There are already enough questions to have an entire discussion about, but we are going to tackle one of the most important ones. Every player wants to gear up fast in shadow lines while facing higher difficulty levels. There may be some of your favorite tactics that you regularly use while playing World of Warcraft. But apart from those basic techniques, here are some other ways to help you gear up fast.

Legendary Gear is Perfect


With the new upgrade, it would be best if you went with legendary gear. In the new patch called Chains of Domination, there are two new levels of legendary there to unlock. You can only begin to create legendary care after you reach the level 1250. The new upgrades added are called rank 5 and rank 6.

For legendary gear, you will have to choose which type of rank you want to go for. It largely depends on the base items you already have in your arsenal. The professions of tailoring, blacksmithing, leatherworking and jewel crafting require you to have a minimum item level of 190. For a legendary item, the highest level you can attain is 235. Apart from doing your best to get some Soul Ash, you should also try to gain as many points as you can for upgrading your gear.

Choose The Great Vault

The gear with Great Vault depends entirely on your weekly progress and how much you have earned the previous week. If you played well during the entire week and completed different milestones, you will be at a better advantage with the Great Vault. The rewards you will receive are based on the dungeons you completed. The range of item levels to access the Great Vault has to be between 200 and 226. You will not think that you will be able to accumulate your progress for several weeks and then access the Great Vault because it gets reset every week.

Go for Valor Points

The valid points concept will work well for item levels 184 to 220. Valid points you can go ahead and exchange them for different upgrades to your gear in the Covenant Halls. There are two ways in which you can quickly collect valor points and add them to your gear. These are as follows:

  • Completion of the Covenant Callings will give you a specified number of points. These points are designated beforehand, so you cannot expect a rise in the point system. And Epic Calling will give you 50 points, while completing a Rare Calling makes you privy to 35 points.
  • If you feel that the first method is a little too slow for your taste, you can try the second method of completing a Mythic + dungeon. This is a great deal because 135 points are at stake and will help you gear up faster.

If you have enough points and have played enough Callings and dungeons, you will eventually have to exchange it for the gear. There are certain requirements to obtain your gear as per your item level. If you are seeking gear through Valor points at item level 200, you would also be needed to finish all the dungeons at 5 Mythic levels in the Shadowlands. By the time you reach item level 207, you should have reached completion of the dungeons up till level 10. This progress will have to keep going because you will only be able to get the required gear at item level 213 and above if you have completed dungeons at level 15.

Get Boosts

More and more players are tilting towards some external help in furthering their progress in World of Warcraft. One of the most common ways of getting gear and reaching a particular level is through boosts. There are many posting services available on the internet that will help you to reach higher levels to unlock better upgrades. Just make sure you only choose a good boosting plan from a WoW Boost service.

Choose Dungeons Runs

You can upgrade your gear through different dungeon runs. These will include heroic, normal and mythic dungeons. But before choosing dungeon runs, you will have to get at an item level 157 to qualify for it. You can begin with the normal run if you have not reached the qualified item level. Basically, it will depend on your item level and how you are chosen to upgrade your gear with the help of dungeon runs. The gear item level needs to be at 171 for Heroic dungeons while it is 184 for Mythic dungeons.

Player vs. Player

PvP in World of Warcraft shadowlands is extremely dynamic and entertaining for the players. It is also a great way to gear up faster if you have reached a minimum item level of 158. Do not use it extensively and exclusively for your gear upgrades because the threshold for improvement is comparatively less. It is also a slower method as compared to other valid points or dungeon runs. It falls upon you to decide how to mix and match different item levels and get the required upgrades.

Crafting is Recommended

Between item levels 151 and 168, you can add gear based on your crafting levels. Based on a particular profession, these items will include tailored materials, foot wraps, tunics and trousers for different classes. To get these items, you will have to collect enough material per the profession. When you have just begun, the basic craft items will be more attainable, so choose to make your investment there.

The Takeaway

As a player, your priority should be advancing through the game while taking new upgrades in the smartest way possible. This will require you to be aware of all the upgrades possible at any given item level. Just make sure to have fun with the process.