How does it feel to see someone else living your dream? Recently, a lottery winner from France made headlines for being the recipient of the largest ever lottery prize in Europe.

There have been some significant wins over the years that are worth remembering and revisiting. We have compiled the list for you.

These winnings will make you feel that there have been jackpots waiting to be won. So without much delay, let us jump to the top 7 biggest jackpots in Europe.

1. €220 Million in France


This happened very recently and made headlines all around the world. On the 15th of October 2024 jackpot worth 220 million euros was won. This happened when the Euromillions Superdraw was boosted up to 130 million euros. The jackpot reached its threshold at 220 million euros, with the win witnessed on the 15th of October.

The winner is unknown, and no details have been released about either the location or the identity of the winner. With this win, France just became the location of two of the highest jackpots. Much to the joy of everyone, the jackpot cap was increased to 230 million euros following this win. You can try your luck out and choose your numbers at

2. €210 Million in Switzerland


The second biggest jackpot was witnessed in Europe one year before the new record. On the 26th of February 2024, an unknown individual got the top prize in Euromillion history.

The details are still anonymous for the lucky winner and maybe with good reason. All that is known is that the ticket was purchased online in German-speaking Switzerland.

This jackpot was hit just three months after the previous record was set. Once the cap was hit, the threshold was increased by 10 million euros as per the norm. The winner had originally bought two tickets worth CHF 7.00 each. Needless to say, they covered their costs.

3. €200 Million in France

France seems to be an awfully lucky country when it comes to its citizens winning multi-million jackpots. On the 11th of December, 2024, France set a new record with winning 200 million euros.

This was a historic win because previously, the winning amount had remained stable at 190 million euros. The provision of increasing the cap by 10 million euros each time the cap had been hit began here.

The winner of this jackpot was from the south of France and preferred anonymity. He claimed to be planning on donating to several charities and other people in need. This jackpot winner was confident in his humility and planned on celebrating Christmas he always did without pomp and show.

4. €190 Million in the UK


On the 8th of October, 2019, the UK won its biggest ever lottery win, which has never been reported since. After four lotteries went by without the winner, a Must Be Won draw took place. This meant that all the prize money would be given over. The claim to the jackpot was made two days later.

No details were chosen to be revealed, which means that there has been speculation about whether the sum was won by a syndicate or a person. But this lottery win changed the face of the richest people in the UK. The winner made it to the Sunday Times Rich List, and no one even knows who they are.

5. €190 Million in Spain

This jackpot win was the third time this highest cab had been reached. On the 6th of October 2017, a single ticket holder from Spain won the jackpot following the rollover of 5 draws.

The winner wished to remain anonymous, but the location from which they bought the lottery ticket was revealed. El Mirador’s shopping center soon became a popular tourist spot and is known for being the spot where the winning ticket was bought.

The winner chose to remain anonymous, locals and tourists speculate whether they were Spanish or tourists. This win broke the record of the previous jackpot of Spain worth 137 million euros.

Spain has a tradition of the el gordo lottery which happens every year around Christmas time. It will be safe to say that the residents enjoy the anticipation of winning a lottery which is why this win was the 83rd jackpot from Spain.

6. €190 Million in Portugal


The sum of 190 million euros was won on the 24th of October 2014 by an anonymous winner. After five successive rollovers, the jackpot limit was reached, and the winner came forth three weeks later. This winner was the 53rd recipient of the jackpot in Portugal.

The story of the jackpot ticket began in a small store Tabacaria. Not only for the winner, but that ticket also became lucky for the shop owner because their sales of lottery tickets skyrocketed after the win.

7. €190 Million in England


On the 10th of August 2012, Adrian and Julian Bayford won the whopping amount of 190 million euros. The story of this win is incredible as it is the biggest ever joint jackpot won in the UK. This amount was reached after 14 rollovers, and the couple won the amount through a ticket bought at a convenience store.

The couple preferred to let the world know their identity and spent their winnings on luxury cars, big mansions, and helicopter rides. But luck soon seemed to run out for the Bayfords as after 15 months since the lottery, they parted ways bringing their nine-year marriage to an end.

The Takeaway

The stories of these seven big jackpots across Europe are enough to make anyone run to the nearest store and buy lotto tickets. The next jackpot will create hosiery with a new record.

Right now, France stands at the top with two wins, but who knows where the next winner will be located. What can be said for sure is that it will make for a great story and will make others participate in this incredible game of chance as well.