Many people disagree about whether luck or skill is more important for gambling. We still think that there is no one correct answer because there is not just one gambling game. Compared to other gambling games, such as roulette and slot for which chance is the deciding factor, sports betting relies much more on knowledge and less on luck. Of course, luck is also a big factor, but your knowledge and skill are often crucial.

So when we talk about how to improve your luck when you bet on sports, we think much more about improving your own knowledge than about some superstitious mantras that are supposed to help. That is why in this article we will tell you what you need to focus on in order to improve good fortune and thus improve the percentage of successful sports betting.

Sports betting has certain similarities with the stock market


Like stock market movements, sports results are very susceptible to change and volatility. Volatility is used in the stock market to show how risky it is to invest in a particular thing. The higher the volatility level is, the risk also grows exponentially. The same applies to sports betting and that is why it is a thing you have to pay attention to. There are matches and competitions that are extremely difficult to predict.

This can best be seen if you compare the results in the last few years for that event. For example, the NCAA final tournament, known as March Madness, is extremely volatile. On the other hand, betting on soccer for example or tennis can be much safer. For example, when Rafael Nadal plays on clay or Novak Djokovic on hard courts, the probability of their victory is often over 90%. You have to pay attention to that factor when deciding what to bet on and how much money you will invest.

Don’t be biased


We understand that you have been cheering for a team or a player for years and that their successes bring you joy, and defeats make you depressed. That’s perfectly fine and every sports fan understands you. But that must not affect your bets in any way. This is one of the most common mistakes, and then when they lose money, people tend to attribute it to bad luck. And in fact, your decision was blurred due to fan tendencies. If you don’t want to be realistic and bet on a rival team, then skip better than placing an unrealistic bet.

Don’t try to recover lost money at any cost


When we lose money or enter a series of lost bets, it is natural that we want to end that bad streak as soon as possible and get our money back. But therein lies the biggest pitfall of sports betting and gambling in general. You will bet frantically, without checking statistics, winning streak, and other important factors. You will also not wait for suitable opportunities, such as matches where the favorite is clear, but you will bet more and more on the first matches that are available. It is a sure path to problems, both financial and gambling addiction. You will attribute what you lose to bad luck instead of realizing that you are making a mistake. When you lose and when you win, don’t change your strategy.

Don’t bet at unverified places


The emergence of a large number of betting sites has brought many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are of course a large selection of games, the ability to find better odds and availability around the clock. But it has also brought a lot of unverified sites, where you risk your money and personal information. They can often entice you with big bonuses, great odds, and other benefits, and of course, all this is not true, but that is a scam. If you see that the odds are unrealistically high or that the signup bonus is so high that it can’t pay off for that site, skip it. It is best to stick to verified sites like Betway, LeoVegas, BetOnline, UFABET, 10bet, and many others.

Pay attention to details


It is not enough just to check which teams are playing, you have to pay attention to details. It is often enough to see that, for example, Real Madrid or Kansas City Chiefs play against a weaker team and that it seems like a safe bet. Often this is really the case, but you need to check some more details. For example, whether they play at home or away. There are certain teams that are equal even against much stronger opponents if they play at home. Then you have to check the situation in the team in terms of injuries, the relationship between players and coaches. Maybe a few key players were injured and then they are no longer the favorites they would otherwise be. Also, you need to know the importance of the match. Be sure to skip friendly matches. Then check to see if the team may have already secured the title or bye week, and is now resting the main players for some other competitions. Don’t say you’re unlucky if you lose money because Real Madrid lost to Levante UD, for example, and it’s your fault you didn’t check the details.

Set a budget


The only way not to spend too much money is to determine the budget available to you for betting. Whether it will be a weekly or monthly budget is up to you to decide. Let it be an amount you can afford to lose without it having any impact on your life. Define it as money for fun, so if you manage to increase it, that’s a plus, but losing won’t be a problem either. It is very important that you strictly adhere to that budget.


Sports betting is very interesting and makes watching sports even more interesting. It is important to know that you need knowledge, which will come with the necessary dose of luck.