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Hunger Games movie star Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery rumors is another story that is being spread on the internet. The beautiful American actress is constantly being rumored to have been under the knife on four different occasions and she also has a tattoo on her body which didn’t go down too well with the internet.

Now, just like most of the popular celebrities that have been under the knife at some stage in their life, Jennifer Lawrence is yet to admit or deny that these plastic surgery rumors about her are true or false but we would want to walk you through some of these rumored plastic surgery procedures in this review.

Jennifer Lawrence who not so long finally got married to her Fiance is one that has changed and improved noticeably in the past few years. From her eyes to her nose, Jennifer Lawrence is believed to have changed a lot and these changes are believed to be the work of a plastic surgeon. Going through her old and new pictures, these rumors are quite noticeable and this also means that the rumors might as well be true.

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Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery


Taking a look at the face of Jennifer Lawrence in the picture above, I am sure that you would be able to tell of some changes especially her nose. Jennifer Lawrence who is an Oscar-winning actress is rumored to have been under the knife to get a nose job done. Taking a good look at her face these days would show you that her nasal bridge and nostrils have turned out to be narrower than before and that isn’t just all about her nose.

Her nose tip also has this refined look which suggests Rhinoplasty because in the past, her nasal bridge and nostril were quite broad while her nose tip didn’t look sharp enough.

Jennifer Lawrence who also has a massive $130 million net worth is also rumored to have done eyelid surgery. These rumors started popping up because in the past her eyes didn’t open quite much and she had little space in between her eyes but that isn’t how it is today as her eyes can open widely now than they ever could.

Her eyelids also look well minimized and this suggests that she must have been under the knife to get her eyelids reduced.

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Apart from the nose job and eyelid surgery, the Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery rumors also alleges that the star actress must have used lip fillers. The internet believes that Jennifer Lawrence must have injected her lips with fillers which ended up making her lips look juicy and also fuller than before.

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Taking a look at her lips today shows that she has thick and plump lips and this wasn’t how they looked back in 2010. In the past, she had smaller upper lips but her lips look quite equal now.

There are also rumors that Jennifer must have used Botox to help in refining her looks. Her cheeks look more perfect and shaped which wasn’t how it looked like in the past. Also, having a flawless and beautiful face also suggests that the star must have made use of Botox on her face.